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SEALed at the Altar

SEALed At the Altar a Book by Sharon Hamilton

The Bone Frog Brotherhood are older SEALs who receive their own HEAs

Despite his thirty-nine years, Tucker Hudson is in peak physical condition and is considering rejoining the SEAL Teams after a ten-year hiatus. What he hadn’t counted on is a steady relationship with Brandy. Is this thing between them something he can count on or is it just a distraction? Now he’s torn between his heart and career. Can he balance them both?

A plus-size girl, Brandy never fails to be there for her friends’ and their happiness. But for her, relationships are little more than one-night stands, and she’s made her peace with who she is. At least until Tucker shows up at a SEAL wedding on New Year’s Eve. The intensity between them makes her wonder if marriage is a wise choice or just another misstep.

The evil forces surrounding them will test their relationship. Will their love be strong enough to last a lifetime, or will it become just a pleasant memory of what could have been?

A continuation of New Years SEAL Dream novella, Book #1 of the Bone Frog Brotherhood

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