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SEALed Forever

SEALed Forever a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

The Bone Frog Brotherhood are older SEALs who receive their own HEAs

At forty years of age, Special Operator Tucker Hudson re-qualifies and joins SEAL Team 3 but must leave behind his young bride. He steps into a dangerous deployment in Central Africa to hunt down a drug and child sex trafficking warlord. But the hazardous duty is made even more perilous by the knowledge that his best friend and team buddy, Brawley Hanks, suffers from effects of his previous deployments.

Brandy Hudson knows her big man with his huge heart must do what he’s called to do to protect his team both in the arena and at home. She hopes that his sacrifice will not prove too precious. But she also knows this comes with being the wife of an elite warrior. He’s the man she’s searched for her whole life.

Their relationship will be tested while they stay connected during his deployment and afterwards. Brandy knows she must brace herself for whatever happens when he comes home. But life is not always fair as tragedy strikes their SEAL family, and rocks the foundations of their love to the core. Will they be the couple to survive, or will one of them be left behind?

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