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Being Grateful for the Long Path

I am filled with gratitude. Great friends. People around me willing to join the journey, lending me a hand, giving me encouragement. Family living as examples. I’m at a doorway. A changing of the guard. Almost feel like I’m walking along a garden wall and can see both sides. They are equally lush and inviting, and I cannot decide which place to go, so I keep walking.

We are living in a time of great change. I have hope for where we are going. There isn’t anything I have to do, but be present. Someone much wiser told me, “Your job today is to feel, Sharon.”

Today, I get to have a full day of writing. I have to pinch myself I’m so happy. Settle into my favorite leather writing chair, and compose. No places to go. Listen to the sounds of the world coming alive. The moon is a bright orange orb in the early morning sky as I look West. Someone has blogged that it’s called a Blue Moon, and hasn’t happened since the 1960’s, also a time of great change.

I’m looking forward to stimulating conversations over coffee, and the sharing of ideas that help make this world a better place. Here’s to choice. And living.

And, of course, love.

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  1. I like the sound of this. Good friends and family can be such a great support system. I live far from most of mine and sometimes it's difficult for me. Thank goodness for the telephone, but it's a replacement for the real experience that is sadly lacking in many ways.

    A Faraway View

    1. Hey, Lee. So nice to see you here. Reminds me there are a couple of people (you are one of them) I've been neglecting recently. Lots of family going on…

      Good and bad being far away. Some days I long for that. Most days, like now, I'm grateful for the closeness. I have to be careful about saying yes too many times. And that is the garden wall walk I talk about.

      We are so connected. Today I was asked to guest blog for an organic gardening blog. I'm going to tie in my love of flowers, of working in the soil, something I have done for pleasure, as well as for health, for 40 years.

      How wonderful we get to connect by telephone and internet. Or it would be a lonely place, wouldn't it.

      Thanks for the gift of your time.

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