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Playing With The Food

We have a small gathering this year, which suits me. We’ve also opted out of the gift giving for Christmas, but will do some things for the grandkids. On Black Friday, I’ll be participating in the Black Friday Bloghop, checking Amazon and reading instead of standing in line.

I am not in the least bit tempted by the seasonal craziness. Didn’t we just have a year of that with the election? Just not feeling like being a lemming. Still recovering from the years of overdoing. Things are simple these days. I cherish the time spent with the family rather than the exchange that used to take up most the day. The excesses of the holidays starts with Thanksgiving. No wonder everyone goes on a diet in January. In more ways than one.

I bought my Willie Bird turkey yesterday at G&G Market, along with everything I’m going to use in the stuffing. Bought some special mushrooms for my famous soup and even found some 1/2 & 1/2, string beans, apples, potatoes and shrimp on sale. Bought the last jar of oysters, which we also like in stuffing.

Don and I will be making the house festive today, which is, I think, my real Thanksgiving. The more I do today, the more I get to enjoy tomorrow. All the desserts are going back with the people who bring them, so I won’t be tempted. I’ll save enough stuffing for my hubby, but I can have beans and mashed potatoes and the leftover turkey and stay on my food plan.

Waiting for my book to come back from the editor, and yes, I’m always nervous at this point. The last 6 months I’ve worked harder on my writing and the writing business than I ever have. I know I’ve put in the time and done the things I need to do. It’s the waiting to see how it is received that is the hard part. But, need to remind myself, it’s all in just doing what I love and know how to do. I just have to have trust and faith the rest will come along, in good time. Remind myself, it really isn’t up to me, anyway.

I’m grateful my Dad is able to celebrate one more Thanksgiving. He will be missed. Read someone else’s post about collapsing with tears and I burst into tears, too. I’m thinking about all the family meals we all shared, and all the people that are no longer with us–I hear them in my head and feel them in my heart like characters from my books. All the sights, smells and feelings of my childhood are washing over me. I wonder how I will be thought of some day, when I am gone too.

As someone much wiser than I said a few months ago, “Sharon, your job today is to just feel.”

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