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Christmas In Spain, Christmas in the Caribbean, Christmas in Brazil

I have so many beautiful pictures I’ve taken from past trips to Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, and parts in between, and because everyone is so busy this time of year, just thought I’d send some eye candy and a short blog today. Sorry I’m late.

This year we didn’t take our winter cruise. Last two times for long sea voyages were hard, especially hard on my husband. But both of us came home and were sick for nearly a month afterward. So, I longingly post some yummy pictures of our last two big ones, and a memory of one of the ones we took when the kids were little.


Spending Christmas away from home is always filled with an assortment of good and bad memories, sort of like a Christmas stocking: some things you love, some things you’ll throw away, some things you’ll consume, some things you’ll quietly tuck away for later or re-gift, and some things you’ll keep with you forever.

When we were pregnant with our first, we decided to go to Hawaii when I was nearly 8 months along. I had never been. I will never forget that feeling, driving (like my husband liked to do then, and still does), like a bat out of hell, up the highway to the Polynesian Cultural Center. The BeeGees were playing How Deep Is Your Love, which was still a new song at the time. We were holding hands, looking forward to the change that would ever effect our lives, and the miracle of new life, and incredibly thankful we had created a new little one. The family wasn’t in favor of this Christmas vacation, but we knew that from that year on, our Christmases would forever be altered by the sound of children in our household. Every time I hear that song, I think of that afternoon, back before I knew anything at all about parenting (the joys and pain) and what the future would hold for us all.

Miracle healings at Christmas

Another memorable vacation at Christmas was a trip we took in the early 1990’s to the Caribbean. We were to be on board ship to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A cruise line ship thought they were having a heart attack on board, and since the Captain couldn’t raise anyone on an island port, drove the huge cruise ship up on the shore and beached it. Turned out the man wasn’t having a heart attack, but had heartburn.

But our ship had to go retrieve the passengers and take them back to Florida. Problem was, we were already in the airport in Aruba, on a stopover. So they flew us to St. Lucia. I will never forget sitting in a sundress and flip flops on Christmas Eve, listening to an impromptu children’s choir singing to us with a colorful Caribbean flair. Some of those kids were so into it, they got us all jumping around to carols such as Away In A Manger and Silent Night, and Oh Come All Ye Faithful, songs I certainly had never heard sung that way before. It was certainly something I will never forget.

Fast forward to our wandering the streets of Spain, Italy and Brazil. Well, what is there to say, but enjoy all the pictures.

I hope your travels at Christmas are fun, filled with warmth and love, family and memories. It is a celebration of a child’s birth, and that new birth bringing with it love and peace to the whole world. It is a love story, after all.


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  1. We spent 16 Christmas in Germany I loved their Christmas markets. I was special poignant when we went over to east Germany . Remember getting little white frosted snow bells tried in red ribbon

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