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Are You Ready to Return to Sunset Beach?

Annie Carr, Back To Yiu Book CoverWhen I first started writing sweet women’s fiction as Annie Carr, I had no idea how much I would get out of creating these stories. You know how much I love the beach, and how much I love romance. Blending the two is a dream come true and reading the lovely reviews you have given for the first book is the inspiration to keep going.

The second book will be finished soon, and I want to be sure you have a copy on the day it releases. Right now, you can reserve your personal copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books. The Kobo link will be available on the Back to You page on this website when or shortly after the book is released.


Sometimes love is sweeter the second time around.

Tested by the years of career ups and downs in New York, attempting to salvage a loveless marriage for the sake of his daughters, science fiction bestselling author Frank Borges always wonders what happened to the girl he left behind when he vacationed in Sunset Beach, Florida in order to write his next novel.

Carmen remembers the troubled man who poured over his writing like a fiend from the black lagoon. His struggle with alcoholism and neglect is a difficult enemy to overcome, yet she tries, as she begins to fall hard for this older man—who could never be hers to keep—to help bring the spark and magic back to his world. He’d been held in the vicious grips of debilitating writers’ block, but Carmen’s healing touch peels the negative layers away and uplifts him, restoring him to the power he once felt—the power he once had with his words.

But fate plays a cruel trick on them both when he is forced to return to New York to harvest the success and fame he’s garnished at Carmen’s hand.

What has made him stronger, invincible, also splits them apart.

He often wonders what ever happened to her—until he learns she has returned to where they began. Does he deserve a second chance at love?


P.S. The books are standalone novels, so it’s not necessary to read I’ll Always Love You first. If you missed the first book in the Sunset Beach Stories series, you can learn more here:


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