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Bone Frog Bachelor

Bone Frog Bachelor

Bone Frog Bachelor a Book by Sharon Hamilton

I have done it all. I have built three global security companies, including foreign subsidiaries which include an airline company and a shipping conglomerate, partnered with some of the biggest industry titans in the realm of international trade. But my love is in protecting and securing the safety of those I care about.

And I’ve done this, as it turns out, at the expense of my own security and fortune. I’ve cared for everyone else’s assets, and left mine wide open to plunder.

Well, that was then. This is now. This is me fighting back. I’m going to screw that b**** of a former wife, who, while she was screwing me in my own bed, was slutting with other men. I was naive, but now, fully awakened, I will have my revenge.

And it will be sweet!

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Bone Frog Bachelor A Book By Sharon Hamilton
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