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Legacy a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Former Navy SEAL billionaire Marco Gambini and his forever love, Shannon, are back together again after a harrowing rescue of Marco’s advance team in Africa, threatening to cancel their long-planned wedding at the Pink Palace owned by the Sultan of Bonin.

He has hosted the Sultan and his entourage for a month, and now they leave to return home to their Indian Island kingdom, to prepare for the big wedding. Plans for building the housing project in West Africa are on hold, temporarily, while they ready themselves for the biggest adventure of their lives: their wedding day.

That is, if the bad guys and dangerous militia in Africa will leave them alone. Armed with vengeance and hatred, the terrorist group plans the ultimate revenge, putting more than just Marco’s company in jeopardy. They attempt the unthinkable.

Only Marco and his team are up to the task of not only saving their special day, but preserving a dying man’s legacy.



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