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Restored a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Marco and Shannon’s hot liquid romance scorches the Florida Gulf Coast

Marco Gambini’s Bone Frog Development begins building the Trident Towers project on the Gulf Coast of Florida, managing a diverse team of characters including the two princes, Khalil and Absalom, sons of the Sultan of Bonin… but Rebecca, his vindictive and controlling ex, is doing everything she can to sabotage the project and his relationship with his fiancee Shannon.


Marco also begins building Shannon’s dream home nearby. But this former SEAL finds hosting two pampered princelings, who have never in their lives lived without servants and have never done any hard labor, proves more problematic than previously thought.

Shannon finds exciting new challenges, learning about Marco’s unique sexual needs, and experimenting with her own triggers and desires as she explores her limits. Their love burns deeper in all areas as they plan a lavish and eccentric wedding at the Pink Palace.

A bomb blast at Marco’s office also shatters the tranquility of their relationship and their future, as the past comes back to haunt them both.

Just as one problem is solved, a quick trip to Central Africa to check on the approval and permitting process leads to sudden danger and near-death for part of the team. Shannon learns even more about how her trust in Marco could save them both.

But be warned. There are storm clouds brewing. All is not as it seems. You’ll want to continue with Book 3 coming next Spring, Revenge.

Suggested reading order: Bone Frog Bachelor, Unleashed, Restored. Bone Frog Bachelor will not show up as Book 1 on the series page, but it essentially is. This was the series starter, appearing in Ruth Cardello’s Bachelor Towers series. I continued on with these characters with her permission.

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