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J is for Junk On My Computer, SUNDAYS WITH SHARON

J is for Junk On My Computer!  I had a lot of extra files on my computer and yesterday I cleared out 120 Gigs of junk. I feel squeaky clean! Our family Apple Expert, Mario, came over and spent about seven hours with us both. Mine was the most difficult and detailed. But what I have now are 19 separate folders containing everything about my books. I have 14 novels, 2 Novellas and 2 of my own bundles, or boxed sets.

I had snippets everywhere, blog posts and guest spots, interviews and faq sheets filed sometimes by name, sometimes by kind of file, sometimes random, and then those dreaded “X Novel – FINAL FINAL FINAL” files. Some files were separated from others because one-way editors or my formatter would send them without spaces, some with dashes between the book and the date of the edit, and others in all caps or upper and lower case with or without spaces. I was holding all this in my head, and boy was my head hurting. I had to remember which ones were which (oh yes, that was a novella of the same name, oh yes, that was the correction I made that came in late, etc.)

In short, I was an accident waiting to happen. This morning as I wake up and go to the computer, my desktop is clean, organized and I know where all my important papers are. A good friend of mine used to look at my lists of “versions” of my books, and shake her head, “Sharon, you’ve got to get this fixed.” That was about 4 years ago. Did I mention sometime before I’m stubborn?

Now some of you saw the word Junk and were thinking of something else. And for you, all I have is a picture. Enjoy the view…the part that I can show! Enjoy your day.

If you are want to follow along in the A-Z Blog Challenge, just clink on the button at the bottom with the sunflower on it. You will be directed to a list of some 2000 other bloggers who have taken the challenge. This week, I’m number 573. Some are dropping out, so this number could change, but tell your friends about it. Enjoy!

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  1. That's funny I did that on mine last week but mine was files and files of pictures. The storage website I was using keep them on my computer too and as many pictures as I take the poor thing had gotten beyond slow. So I decided it was time to move all my pictures to another service that doesn't keep them on my actual computer. It took me 2.5 days but boy does my computer run faster now. I might actually use my laptop now for more than just getting pictures off my memory card.
    I'm glad you are doing this it's been very fun to see your thought about things
    Less than two weeks now and yes I'm counting down, see you in Nashville

  2. Show off!!!
    Actually, I need to do this. Kris Calvert almost had a conniption when she saw the mess my Mac is in the other day. And some of the things she told me freaked me out so I know I need to do it.
    Maybe I'll wheedle out a couple hours today…

  3. LOL, J.M. Well, I admit, I was mighty proud. And wow, how much less stress I feel now!! Next time we get together, I'll show you what I did. Kris is right. I had multiple versions of the same fine, and have caught myself editing the wrong file. Or editing in a Download not a doc file. OMG. I've done it all.. LOL. Nice to see you here today!

  4. Karen, Can't wait for Nashville!

    I know. We don't think of this much do we, we're all so busy with whatever it is we do. Yet, this is my BUSINESS!! Horror story averted, at least for now. I was getting headaches from worrying so much about things. Good job with the photos. 123 gigs is a lot of space to free up. I was running on less than 13 gigs of storage left! Sheesh!

  5. I'm spoilt Amy just sorted out my phone to go home to Wales for the week. She put a bigger sd card in and downloaded all my audio books on there and bought a hot pink power bar with multi plugs. Glad you got it sorted and super organized.

  6. I'm spoilt Amy just bought me an sd card for my phone and downloaded all my audio books on there and bought a hot pink power bar with multi plugs for when I go home

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