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New Year: Do You or Don’t You?

Are you one of those people who buys about ten planners and by the end of February, hasn't kept up with any of them? That's me. I've started the New Year super organized, and started the New Year haphazardly, and…

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Writing and Fruitcake

Are you a fruitcake lover? I have to admit I am. But like many others, there are parts of the fruitcake I love and parts, well, I try to avoid, even pick around. I love the candied fruit and the…

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Ghost Stories by Campfire

Every time I walk outside and smell the firepits burning around the KOA, I'm reminded of those nights at camp when we told ghost stories that made us practically pee our pajamas. These were stories so horrible, no one dared…

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Palm Trees

Palm Trees and Other Ventures

We've decided to live temporarily in an apartment we own while we get our Diesel Pusher ready for the long travels ahead. I've found that working on a new project is somewhat healing. The building has great bones, built in…

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Writing And The World Within Us

We all carry that inner world no one else sees. As writers, we get to explore and press those boundaries a bit. We lace truth of the past, overlayed with fuzzy fiction and hopes for the future, string in various…

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Planning Writing Year

Planning My Writing Year

Every year I start planning my writing year in the fourth quarter. When I used to coach Realtors, my line would be, "The most important quarter of next year is the last quarter of this year." That way, when you…

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