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Palm Trees

Palm Trees and Other Ventures

We’ve decided to live temporarily in an apartment we own while we get our Diesel Pusher ready for the long travels ahead. I’ve found that working on a new project is somewhat healing. The building has great bones, built in 1940’s, and could look retro-South Beach in style. Chrome trim. Some jazzy paint colors, and voila!

Wish we had these lines, but you get the picture!

I’ve been having fun with paint and awning colors, and visualizing the rounded corners faced in chrome.


What better to add that special touch to the decor, than to put in palm trees? Can’t wait to show you the finished product. I found Golden Gate Palms and spoke to the owner, and had no idea they were so reasonable! Here’s what their website says about Palms:


Palms are the aesthetic cornerstone of the subtropical garden. Whether the theme is lush, xeric, or Mediterranean, palms evoke a sense of abundance and warmth. And unlike messy deciduous trees, palms are clean.  Material is held within the tree until you choose the time to trim it off thus leaving the garden below neat and tidy, all year long.  Palm roots are generally non-invasive and non-damaging to hardscape unlike their woody counterparts.  Palms are gorgeous when lit at night, are pleasantly hypnotic with their movement and rustling in the slightest breeze, and provide artistic shadows on the ground as well as romantic silhouettes against the sky.

What could be more perfect for a romance writer, right? Being a native Northern Californian, palm trees are not common here, but now I’m beginning to see something else I can draw into my sphere, and love.

I’m amazed, after years of being a gardener, I knew nothing about them. I can buy seeds for as little as $2. each. Why in the world I never did that, is beyond me. I’ve tried everything else.

So, this is yet another little adventure, on the road to discovery of things of this planet, myself, and my relationship to it. Just thought you’d be interested. Can’t wait to show you the final project.

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  1. Hi, Sharon!

    I have forgotten. Where are you moving from & to where? Why? I would hate to have to go thru 43 years of my house to move. It would be very challenging. Lol!! I love the picture of your house very pretty! Built in 1940’s, that’s exciting! Good Luck! Have fun fixing it up!

    Have a great week!!

    1. We sold our big house in Santa Rosa, so we’ll be staying in the apartment until we hit the road. We own an apartment similar to the ones in the pictures, and we’ll be colorizing them with those colors I showed. Adding palm trees was my new a-ha!

      It’s a change, but one that has been a long time coming. The organizing and purging has been completed. Further purging to go on. Then we’ll be ready to travel. I hope to be able to purchase a bit of smaller town America here and there, and still have the little apt to come back to in California. So that’s why we’re doing it this way. We’ll have a home base.

      It’s an evolving plan.

      Having trouble with my computer, so had to leave the post short.

  2. Congratulations! Driving around the country should, hopefully, provide additional fodder for your terrific, addictive stories! Have fun!!

  3. So exciting! A new beginning is something to look forward to. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Palm trees always brought warmth to mind, since we don’t have them in the North and have seen them only in the South growing naturally.
    Safe travels.

  4. They say everyday is a school day
    It’s wonderfully exciting when good things happen and you have been blessed.
    Palm trees are rare here in Scotland. A plus for me would be no hayfever but you do set a romantic scene which is always a good thing

  5. Sharon,

    Mercy but you have been thru a lot recently. Congratulations on the sale of your previous home. I know that was a lot to deal with.

    And, I love the colors you’ve picked out for your new “home”.

  6. Have you posted a picture of your diesel pusher? How long is it? What brand? My husband and I gave up our home base to live full time in our 43′ Allegro Bus. We love it even though we have stopped traveling for now to rebuild our coiffers.

  7. What an exciting new chapter of your life. Change is not always easy to embrace. You do it with courage and optimism. So proud to know you and so proud of all your accomplishments. I miss you, my friend. Always!

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