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Fantasizing about SEALs in the Garden

Most of you know my love affair with organic gardening. I've been a gardener for over 50 years, and living in California has given me exposure to the best nurseries, gardens, Master Gardener groups, our County Fairs, and things winery…

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Prepared. Caffeinated. Never Quit.

My mug collection is extensivce. I have some in Florida, where we have our rentals, in the Vrbo we have here in California, and, of course, my place. Oh yes, there are boxes of mugs in storage and they are…

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Lifelong Learning

I learned Something!

I feel like I've been learning so much this past month. Took a class from Becca Syme, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and have learned so much about my process, style, and some of the motivators in my life that…

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Place Becomes Character in my story

Our recent purchase of a triplex on Florida's Gulf Coast has spurred my new love affair with this part of the U.S. and gives me a chance to be bi-coastal and nearly right on the beach (100 steps) on a…

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Can I be a character in my own book?

My husband bid on this opportunity for me to become a character in one of Barry Eisler's upcoming books, and won. OMG, I mean, Barry Eisler! If we bumped into each other, he wouldn't know who the heck I was...…

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911 Memorial

Hard To Remember That Kind of September

You've all heard the stories of what 9-11 means to different people around the globe. On remembrance days like these, we are indeed a small blue planet. We are more connected than we realize. On days like these it comes…

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