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My Roots Will Have Wheels

I woke up this morning and cried for the third time in 24 hours. Not tears of joy. Last night before I went to retire, all three of my dogs perched on my bed, as if asking, “Are we coming along too?” I have to say it nearly broke my heart.

But when I am able to be logical, I know it is the best thing for them to have a place to go where there will be land, not a rumbling diesel engine and highway. My dogs have always left me, not the other way around. Boy, does this one smart!

Piece of Heaven
1100 acre park surrounding us. Piece of Heaven.

The sting is somewhat softened to know that the new owners will love this property as much as I have, and had the same reaction seeing everything we’ve done. They’ll also have the money to continue to work on it as it deserves. Nothing lasts forever. Places don’t last, things don’t last. Memories do. It makes sense to do the move while we are healthy, and able. So, the time has come at last.

My Garden
My garden

My husband is more excited looking at pictures of motors, storage space, electrical panels and tires. I’m looking at the interior of these coaches and trying to figure out how I’ll feel rambling down the road, armed with a roving internet access and my computer. I won’t be able to stop and pick a few roses when I’m at a stopping place in my stories, but I can still have a nice glass of wine before I begin my next love scene…

Like a bad boyfriend (stay with me here a moment), no way to experience the “new adventure” when the past is grabbing me and has me tied up in barbed wire wrapped around my heart. You know the song, “How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?” Well, I miss this place already and I’m still here. When my roots are severed, then we’ll see how I function. And for sure, there will be lots of emotion to draw on. Oh boy, I’ll bet I will be able to write some killer break-up scenes.

Writing Area
My “bridge” writing area. Lots of romance written here.

The good news is that no one has died. I’m just more used to adjusting than streaking out and making the big decisions. Everyone I love will still be around, just not so close by, but they’ll be there when I can visit. I’m not doing this out of fear, out of necessity or due to illness or hardship. It’s just time. That’s the honest truth of it.

Sunrise and sunset and no bathing suits.

The big panties thing comes to mind a lot. I went out and bought a new pair of red sunglasses and a new MacbookPro, which I’m taking back. I don’t need it. My old one is fine, once I get rid of some of the stuff on it. I’ll store that data too, like my cabinets, my china and silver, the pictures, my quilting fabrics, and sewing machine, the seeds I didn’t plant this year (maybe I’ll sprinkle them across the country as we travel like Johnny Appleseed), my favorite rose trimmers and my colorful purses and scarves. Paring down to the bare necessities. Oh, there’s another tune I’ll be humming too.

Dad's Clock
Dad’s clock will have to silently keep its own time for a bit. More travel, less TV.

When this house burned down in 2008, the change resulted in me becoming a writer. This change will result in something equally as spectacular.

But why is it easier to adjust than to make the bold decision to take a conscious step forward? Must be like skydiving. You just have to jump out and trust that the buddy on your back will help you safely land.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

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  1. Sharon,
    What an adventure you’ll have. The house looks fantastic, I’m sure it will quickly sell if it is not already in escrow. I’m looking forward to reading about all your next adventures.



    1. It will be a new adventure, for sure. Writing about it will keep me sane, I’m sure! Thanks.

  2. Dear Sharon,
    In 2005 my husband want us to move 3 hours away, we lived in our house for 25 years raised our boys. I cried almost every day specially when I had to take down all my pictures. We sold our house moved up to Cottonwood, the only thing good was we both wanted to live out in the country, which we did. I also told my husband don’t move me up there where I know no one get sick and die on me please. We lived there for 7 years when he passed away. I was lucky I had my parents house in Napa, so I moved again and I cried. So many memories in both places, now I live in the house I grew up in so I have lots of good memories to remember and new ones to make with my grand babies. Good Luck in your new adventure.

    1. That’s awesome, Lynn. I am sorry to report that the little frog you bought me for the garden didn’t make the moving of patio furniture, (it got dropped), so I replaced it with a “trailer” solar light. It’s a perfect substitution, and reminds me where I’m headed. Things can change, but if we can, we’ll stay a few weeks in Santa Rosa while we search for the right bus, and then be on the way while the weather is still good. I have so many fond memories of visiting my Grandfather and his church in Napa as a young child. Being the “preacher’s granddaughter” made me feel like royalty, even though my grandmother lilked to walk down the aisle with 7 purses — one for every board or group she was involved with, plus the sequened one a church member gave her from a cruise. This was long before I came here for college and met my husband. Love Napa. Love the idea you’re in the home you grew up in. Very rare these days, especially in California.

  3. I live full time in my Class A motorcoach. My dogs came with us when we sold everything. Good luck in your travels.

    1. That sounds like so much fun – I think I may be part gypsy so I could live on the move, but I have an 11 year old, so we are more rooted right now. I bet your dogs love it, mine would!

    2. That’s what we’re looking for, a Class A pusher, not new, something we can customize. Like a full circle. We lived in an Airstream 23′ when I came home from the hospital with baby #4 and my next youngest also in diapers. Hubby was building houses in Hawaii, and I was on the property in this trailer with 4 kids. Now that was hard. This is emotional, but I’ve done tougher things. And I think we’re not going to be able to part with the dogs, so the adventure promises to be a twisted multi-branched story. To be continued! Glad to hear you do it and love it. I think I will too. This time with a TV, a refrigerator freezer that doesn’t use an iceblock, and warm showers and a king sized bed.

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I’m flowing really well these past 2 days – tears of something. Not quite joy yet, but they’re right around the corner!

  4. Hi Sharon!

    I wish you all the best of luck in your new adventure – it should spurn some really good plots for stories! You will have to post lots of photos of all the places you go to that not many people make it to. I’d love to go see Mt. Rushmore and that place where the 4 states meet (can’t remember the name). But right now I’m stuck in Northern Virginia, trying to figure out how to move to New Hampshire for a better climate and schools. It;s scary making these big changes, but the adventure is real, and it will be amazing for you, and once you tire of it, you’ll know it and find that new place to live.

    Good luck and happy travels and join AAA, LOL!

    1. You bet. That’s a promise. Pix to follow. Both Don and I are 3rd generation Northern Californians. I’ve never seen Cape Cod and Don hasn’t traveled much in the Midwest or the South. There is so much to see. Our son lives in Virginia, so there are his 3 kids we’ll get to spend some quality time with (if he lets us, lol). I’ve been to the 4 corners! Nice thing about a bus, you move when the weather gets bad.

  5. What a grand adventure Sharon, No matter how many memories you have in the house, they will travel with you. You’ll always have them but you’ll just be leaving the house behind. Good luck & God Bless.

  6. Dear Sharon, happy new adventures. Really a shame that had to leave your dogs behind. I don’t think I could have done that. You must be a really strong person.
    Stay safe on the highways.

    1. Kathy, We’re actually re-thinking that option. We’re going to try taking them. Call me crazy, but the fur babies are part of our family and they trust us. I’m hoping it’s wise, but in either event, if I don’t try, I’ll never forgive myself. I’m strong, but not that strong.

      But if someone comes along, and it’s something I think that would be better for them, then I might reconsider. I’m going to let fate work itself out, and I’ll keep them safe and comfortable until the path is illuminated!

  7. My parents have large rv. Storage under the bed us a good thing. Also under the couch and in odd corners. Vacuum storage bags are your friend. So is that foam shelf liner stuff. Cut circles of it to fit inside of pits and pans you stack together. It will cut down on noise. Mom and dad take dogs and cat with. I feel better with the dogs going with, no one is going to mess with them. Have fun.

    1. We are reconsidering the dogs and I think we’re going to take them with us. I can only deal with one loss, and not the other. Hope it works out for them. I’ll do anything to make them comfortable. I agree with you. I’m here to protect them. And they have done the same for me.

  8. Hi Sharon,
    When I was 15 years old we moved from Pittsburgh to Atlantic city New Jersey. I cried for weeks. I left everything behind. My best friend and a boyfriend. Seven years later I met my husband. Where I ended back in Pennsylvania. The funny part is my Uncle said that the marriage would not last, because I was leaving my family behind. Well it has been 41 years now. I don’t think I could ever move back there. I hope you have a wonderful time in your new traveling home. Cindy

    1. Thanks, Cindy. That’s very encouraging. Yes, sometimes it’s just the unknown that is so upsetting. I know something better and some great stories are out there for me to reveal. Appreciate your attitude.

  9. I wish you safe travels and look forward to you telling us about your adventures. We never know what life has in store for us, so enjoy the new experiences you will have. I’m sad you have to leave your dogs.

    1. Jacqueline, we’re rethinking the dogs thing. Looks like we’ll be attempting the trips with them in tow. They are part of the family. If it doesn’t work out, then Plan B. Don’t be sad. It is just what it is. Time has a way of catching up to all of us.

  10. Hi Sharon,
    What an adventure you’re both facing but I know together you’ll make priceless memories. You and Don already have wonderful past memories and now it’s time for the “new”.
    I’m sure I’ll be reading about some of your adventures.
    May you both have safe and memorable travels.

    1. Thanks Ilona! I aim to entertain all along the way. In fact, I’ve already started! Stories to come, for sure.

  11. Wow. You sound so sad about this. I know the other posts are all good for you and happiness, but I’m not feeling that. So, I hope this motor home thing gets old fast and your husband fulfills his wanderlust. You must love him very much to lose everything you hold dear.

    1. Oh, my. I 2nd your emotions, Adele. Sorry, Sharon, your house is gorgeous, your surrounding so beautiful. What’s going to happen to Dad’s clock?? Deal breaker for me is the dogs…..

      1. The grandfather clock will be safely stored at my son’s. It was left to him. I was just the middleman! All good, no worries.

    2. Adele, I’m walking into this with my eyes wide open. Just time, is all. Time to not have the roots, and trade them in on wheels. I’ve said for years I’d love to be “bi-coastal” which sounds like some sexual thing, doesn’t it? Well, now I will be. And we’re going to take the dogs, I think, unless some great opportunity for them opens up. Our job is to protect them, so that’s what we’re doing.

      All good. Being married long term is not as easy as they say, but we are indeed a team and that’s how it’s going to be.

  12. I’m happy that your embracing the move as a new adventure in life You can always fly to see the kids if need be. We took our dogs with us when we moved into the RV. I took a couple weeks to adjust but I couldn’t have left them. Everything in the house is just stuff your memories are all with you. Good luck & Hugs.

    1. Dad’s clock will be safely stored. I have 4 kids and that’s made a big difference giving family things away to people who will enjoy them. No worries.

    2. Exactly! I think we’ve come to the conclusion we can’t part with them. We’ll all travel together, unless that won’t work. And we have a temporary apartment to move into for a few weeks after escrow. Get us used to small spaces. Yes, a great adventure to be sure.

  13. Wishing you much happiness and wanderlust!! Seeing the beautiful home and space you are leaving behind, you will carry the pics and memories with you, always. I’ve done the pick up and move (cross country as well) many times, now. My first move, which felt like I was leaving the planet, was only 65 miles from where I grew up. My parents thought I truly had left the family. Too funny. And then I moved to California, from NH, and my parents’ jaws were still on the floor several years later. No jobs, no place to live, no friends…but we not only survived but I thrived. NoCal is still my favorite place to live but life goes on and back across the country we went. Again, same thing. And we did it again and are back in the southwest. It would be so hard to leave your beautiful space but you are correct. It is just a place. A thing. And you have the memories. Wish you many smiles per gallon! Hugs!

  14. Hi Sharon,

    Enjoy the adventures you’re about to begin. Twelve years ago, my mother died and left me some money. It was time to move. I have many health issues and being in the cold weather was not good for me. We compromised on where. We moved closer to my husband’s relatives. We have new memories in our new place. We do go back up north to visit our kids, my cousins and friends. That is the beauty of Facebook and the internet.

    Wishing you many wonderful books to come.


  15. My husband was sick for several months last year and died in October. My son came up from Arizona in November and we had a memorial for friends and family. That’s why I have not been able to read and review. I just can’t seem to get it together yet. And I was happy to stay in our condo in Illinois along with my two older rescued kitties. I knew that I would have to get a job to be able to stay where I was. Then my boy kitty, Tony, died in February at 21 years old, and that just broke my heart all over again, especially since I’ve had them since their mother brought them to me when they were a week old. His sister Teddi, is still with me. She’s now 22 years old. Then my son said he had purchased a 5th wheel for me and wanted me to move to Arizona to be near him. Trepidation was my name. Well, over the next few months, I have gone through all our memories (lots of crying going on), paring down, and then paring down again. And when my son and his girlfriend came in June to help me out, we pared down again (and there was more crying). Well, Teddi and I have been in Arizona two weeks and I am learning to get around. Have not been able to get into my 5th wheel as some repairs aren’t completed yet, but am hoping to be in there by Wednesday. So, yes, Sharon. I have put that foot out there and my son has my back. For which I am immensely grateful! Good luck in your new adventure. I have one of my own to discover.

  16. Hi Sharon. Wishing you all the best on your adventures. New memories will be made and you’ll enjoy it all.

  17. ☹️??
    Don’t leave the fur babies. They’re part of the family. They’ll adapt I’m sure. Makes me soooooooo sad

  18. Dear Sharon,
    During the 48 years my husband and I were married we moved 48 times and I’ve moved 5 times since his death. He was in the Navy Submarine service for 20 of those and we lived on a 40 foot yacht for 15 years while still moving around the country and staying for months at a time elsewhere. (My RV without wheels.) I have been helping people downsize for several years and I can cry along with them and try to cheer them up. It will get better and you will have many more memories and new adventures as you travel about. Our possessions don’t own us, we own them. With love and umderstanding, Beverly

  19. Each pf us face changes, some good, some exciting and some we are not sure of. Pairing “things” down would be the hardest I think. Enjoy your travels this wonderful country of ours thre are some beautiful places to see. Best of luch.

  20. Sharon,

    Just enjoy your adventure. We have a permanent camp site and live in it from May 1 thru the end of Oct. Love it. Birds and nature. We have good neighbors. All campers rather than permanent or moving seem to be good people. J

  21. What an adventure awaits you and your husband as you travel the country. Grabbing this opportunity while you are both in good health is a tremendous blessing. Take your furry family members as both you and they will pine if you don’t. Our pets add great love and compassion to our lives. (I have taken our dogs on 2 week travel trailer vacations with our family and they adapted well).
    Take videos and pictures, selfies and buy slides. Cram as many memories in your travels as you can. If you haven’t visited the south, let me be the first to invivite you to Georgia. Our state is very diverse with oceans, mountains, quaint small towns and exciting large cities. Our tastes are eclectic in food and drink. We have a growing wine vinyard industry, both old south and new cusine cooking with all the notes in between. Skyscrapers share space with antebellum homes. Please come and see the world’s largest granite mountain above ground (Stn Mtn) and make new friends.
    It’s okay to cry. Crying means we are alive and present in that moment of our life. Treats can be both sad or happy or joyful looking toward the future.
    I hope you and your husband have a lifetime of adventures.

  22. Hello Sharon,

    Wonderful adventures will come your way. Memories of your pets, picking roses, and details of your home will be forever yours. Enjoy your next adventures, now you can pick wildflowers. I wish you only the best! Congratulations on taking that step of courage!

  23. Will miss you around here! My late hubby and I lived in rv for six years before he got sick. Loved it especially when we were right across from the ocean! Invest in a small freezer, those rv freezers hold next to nothing! Lol enjoy life, travel! But still write….please!!

  24. Hi it is hard leaving.My husband and I sold the log home we built and the family farm it was hard,but it was time.We moved to a small lake and only have to mow now for half an hour instead of five. I think the day we left it i cried all the way to our new home and cried more when we got here the counteracts were going on.I know you will enjoy your new adventure good luck

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