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Moving and Hot SEALs: Oh My!

I won’t lie. I LOVE this piece. Sort of sums up my life at the current time. I’m an eclectic mix of traditional and quirky, all tied up in a collection of “found” pieces like this artist depicts. He doesn’t solder anything, rather “screws” them together. That’s not a dirty word, but it’s somehow fitting.

We are arranging our things and planning a minor remodel in the midst of moving some 400+ boxes. There’s still the landscaping and the garden to tend. I added extra fertilizer to the roses today because it’s time. I want to have a going away party on August 4th and I want those ladies to bloom special for us.

Notice the old school globes, the propeller and the upside-down frame of a candelabra. The burner element from an oil lamp makes a perfect “burner” for the hot air balloon going to who knows where. Because that’s exactly where I am going – who knows?

Tractor Sewing Machine

Had fun listening to some people who traveled in a Pusher for about 5 years last night. I almost wet myself with the stories they had about their bus 8′ slide-out all of a sudden coming unhinged, and he thought he’d blown a tire. Of course, someone was fast asleep on the couch, oblivious to the fact he was in the path of oncoming traffic. Yes! This happened while they were traveling down a 2-lane road! The family screamed until they were able to pull over to get the slide-out put back into place, which is when he woke up.

I was still laughing as I drove home, thinking about taking off from campgrounds in a hurry and leaving their awning behind.

Some of you are feeling concerned right now. Don’t be. Think of the stories. You were there when I went on that 23-day cruise from Italy to Brazil when I wrote Cruisin’ For A SEAL. You know what can happen in a kitchen, or a lifeboat! You also know why the shades were pulled as we sailed down the coast of Africa, and yes, that went into my story, too.

One of the fantastic things about being an author is that I learn so much from my nearly 7 decades on this planet, things that happened in the 1950’s, ’60’s and beyond. Lost memories now re-found and memorialized in stories, woven in there, making them last forever.

Love Me Tender Love You HardThe story I’m finishing is Love Me Tender, Love You Hard. Those of you who read the KW version novella that preceded this novel I’m releasing 7-30, remember the term:

Coyote Smear

I dare you to tell me if you remember what that means. That little eclectic detail actually happened, and luckily, not to me!

There are no accidents. There is only life, in full bloom. I intend to live every minute of it, enjoy every rose and every gardening session!

What about you? Are you yearning for a new adventure?


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  1. Sharon, I am so excited about this new adventure for you. Traveling all over will be amazing. Remember you always can park at our house. I am so proud to call you my friend.

    1. Kellie! Thank you! Honored as well. It’s a fun time in the life of this writer. Lots ahead…Stay tuned. I know you will!

  2. Sharon, this sounds exciting! I love the Monty Monty’s Traveling Air Show, how delightful. Your trip should be interesting and enlightening. I’m a couple of years older than you, and while I do love traveling, I’m content to not move as it would probably take a year to just sort and purge all the detritus from so many years here, with our large family. I do love to read about it, enjoy it vicariously!
    Keep writing, the stories with elements of actual happenings are always the best, right?
    Best wishes on all of it.

    1. Thanks, Sherrill. I thought it might take a year myself the first few weeks into it. My hubby sprung it on me rather suddenly, and for a few days I felt like I’d been ripped out at the roots. But I bounce back rather well, and embraced it. Then the purging and boxing began, and I realized right away I needed lots of help. My suggestion to anyone trying to do this: start early (it takes twice as long as you think), and get help. There were so many decisions I had to make, I just started with the easy ones: what things could I live without for 5 years. And if that question was forever, then it went to donation.

      I’ll have to further purge as we move into the apt., and then again when we take off in the Pusher. But it’s a three-stage process, and I’m learning how to adapt, and thrive. Now pushing my writing muscles a bit because I’m behind. But loving all the activity. And the possibilitiues for the future. Thanks for coming along with me.

    1. Debbie, thanks so much. Can’t hear that enough. The big work is done, now time to focus back on the writing. Thanks for following along!

  3. Hi Sharon
    I can’t wait for your new books that you’ll be creating while on your new adventure. Wow! How our lives change! When we were in college, did you ever think you and Don would be driving your “home”?
    It’ll be wonderful and relaxing.

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