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Bone Frog Brotherhood

Here Come the Bone Frogs and Silver SEALs

I’ve loved writing SEALs ever since my first novel in 2012. At the time, my son was serving as a SEAL, and I had been very moved about his service, how he had changed from a boy to a man, and how he was committed to such a program at such a young age. Most of us don’t find out life’s passion until we are well into our 30’s. He did a little interview with me for a mastermind group of high-powered real estate professionals, and said, “I feel so fortunate to have found something I love so early in life.” That was when he was a new “tadpole”, and single. Now, with a wife and family, of course, I’ve seen his priorities change.

SEAL My LoveThis is what inspires me about writing. We take the every day, and we make stories about it. None of what happens in my books really happens in real life. You readers don’t look for detailed accounts of perhaps things that shouldn’t be written about SEALs. I write fiction, and romantic fiction at that. Everything is seen through my rose-colored glasses. My stories are about finding love, sometimes losing it too, but mostly the Happily Ever After. My SEALs are the vehicle I use to tell those stories.

So it would come to me, as I see the journey of some of these men I’ve met, as they age and go on to other careers, so too do my characters. And the Bone Frog Brotherhood was born. My new release tomorrow, SEAL My Love, explores my older characters as they also find true love.

SEAL of My HeartGretchen is Kate Morgan’s older sister. Many of you will remember her from SEAL of My Heart, when Kate and Tyler fall in love on an airplane from San Francisco to Portland. This was based in part on a true story. I met a young marine coming home for Christmas from Vietnam, and we made one of those connections in the stars. At the time, I was not free to accept his beautiful letters and the flowers he sent afterward. And it wasn’t until years later that I got to see him again, and I apologized for having to break it off when he went back to Vietnam. I was delighted to hear that he had survived. “Yours was the face I was coming back to. It didn’t matter.”

So this became part of my story. What if I had gone a different path, followed his invitation and spent a life with him? Just before I released this book, I tried to look him up, and sadly discovered that he had passed away the previous summer. Gretchen says a prayer to her father, that marine in my story, in much the same way as I have prayed to him for the safety of my then-serving son as a SEAL. He would have been proud to know I had a son who went into military service. He was the first in my immediate family to do so without being drafted during either WWII or Vietnam.

So Gretchen has had three girls, and decides to take an adventure with Kate and Tyler and a bunch of their SEAL buddies and families. And that’s where she meets Trace, an older SEAL, just attached to Team 3 from an east coast team, after a messy divorce. His wife ran off with another SEAL from another east coast team. Unfortunately, I have also heard that this happens in real life. So, it goes into my story.

These two mature, slightly damaged people find a way to fall in love again like it was the first time. And I believe I do show that this love is the forever love they never had before. I hope you’ll enjoy their satisfying story.

SEALed At the Altar

My new release in April will be the continuation of my Bone Frog Brotherhood Book 1, the novella that started with a New Year’s wedding and one-night stand that becomes something else. More to come on that later. But here’s the cover reveal below.

Thank you for following me on these Sundays with Sharon. I love to hear your comments. I thank you for your readership. We all celebrate together the miraculous healing powers of true love.



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  1. Excited about Gretchen story continuing and about new one with an oldie in. Wishing you all the best Sharon

    1. You bet! They were so fun to write!! Can’t wait to have you read them. I think you’ll love that story…

  2. I love stories about ahhh ‘older’ people or maybe I should use the word , ‘mature’….. Just someone who isn’t in their 20’s…..’

  3. Yes ma’am. It’s a new thing for me, but I think the timing is right. Thanks! Hope you love them!

  4. Sharon,
    I enjoy these “Sundays with Sharon” so much. I always see within my mind, the little story you’re telling. It would be great to meet you and just listen to you talk in a small group over tea, coffee, or a beverage a wee bit stronger( you know what I mean, jellybean).

    1. I’d love the same. A little “spirit” and a tiny bit to eat, and some wonderful conversation is exactly what I’d like. Let’s hold that thought out there and perhaps some day we can meet and do just that. Watch the events I go to, Julia…love to see you, and thanks for those lovely words!

  5. I’m like Kate–Ilove stories about mature, second time around characters.
    So few of these exist at this time. It maybe a writing niche you could explore. Thankks for your time. PS I love Seal stories.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy. I do feel like it’s a niche that is underserved, and something I can write because I’m there! Beyond there! I’m so glad you enjoy SEAL stories…there will be more coming!

  6. Sharon, I love following you on Sunday’s
    Excited for new story with Gretchen et older love . Great cover

  7. I love reading your newsletters on Sunday. I remember reading Kate and Tyler’s story and looking forward to this one. It is nice to read romance stories for those of us who have a few years on us. I’m looking forward to this series.

    1. Thanks Pamela. Yes, there are more of us there than we realize. I’m hoping to bring out lots of older guys who are just as hot, just as honorable, but with more experience than the younger bucks. But that makes them more sexy, right?

    1. Thanks, Kathleen. Yes, everything about my life is incorporated – all the good and bad. Sometimes the bad gets good and vice versa too! Thanks for reaching out.

  8. Reading your SEAL books has me hooked, every time I see a story about SEAL’s I want it! They are a special breed of people and yet, so down to earth so we can identify with them and their lives. Their’s of course, is a little more dangerous but still letting us live right alongside of them as we move through the story.
    Thank you!

    1. I’ve loved getting to know some of the guys in the community. They are just as I write them. There are always a few bad apples here and there, but not the way I write them. My son has reminded me of this. But I think there are so many fun stories for these heroes, I hope to be doing it until I can’t think straight anymore! LOL.

  9. Hi Sharon, I’ve been with you a while now, either as my other page or as Gibby. From a strictly military point of view, it sometimes and often takes a while to find your forever half. I was lucky enough to find mine on the down hill side of my military career. We were never able to be stationed together after we wed as we had the same job. But we made it work and have been together now almost 31 years. So I suppose it’s kind of nice to see us Older Military Couples represented in your writing.

    1. What a wonderful story, Hobby! I love this that love blooms at any stage in our lives. And so wonderful you found it. Those who have found their soulmate are so lucky. It doesn’t matter how far separated you are, you just know that your heart is loved. So happy for you! I’m going to love writing older couples.

  10. Hi Sharon, I’ve been with you a while now, either as my other page or as Gibby. From a strictly military point of view, it sometimes and often takes a while to find your forever half. I was lucky enough to find mine on the down hill side of my military career. We were never able to be stationed together after we wed as we had the same job. But we made it work and have been together now almost 31 years. So I suppose it’s kind of nice to see us Older Military Couples represented in your writing. Stay safe, keep writing and pass a Well Done to your son.

  11. I love mature, slightly damaged people who fall in love and become whole again. Can’t wait for this one!!!
    xoxoxoxox, YP

    1. Ahhh, my favorite pirate and soulmate. We are an example of two people who don’t live together, but who share a special friendship and bond no matter the distance. Your voice enhances everything I do. And I write my stories thinking of your voice narrating it. You know it’s true. Thank you, my dear friend, for always being there for me…oxoxox YA

  12. I love all of your stories and have almost every ebook and many of the audiobooks as well. Just finished listening to the whole Seal of Protection Series, Sigh I LOVE Cookie and Dude.

    Please, Please, Please the next time you talk to your son tell him Thank You For Your Service!! I am so lucky to live in this Amazing country and it is due to the dedicated men and women in our armed forces who are on the front lines every day keeping us safe. Give him a kiss for me and a big hug!

    Since this world is scary enough, I don’t want to read about SEALS in real life. I would probably have nightmares about what they have to go through. I much prefer to read your versions of a SEALS life and of course their loves and how they find them. So thank you as well for writing about these courageous men and women and I hope you don’t stop for at least another 50 years (although that will put my age at 112 and I will probably have to have someone read the stories to me).

    1. I will tell him, Diane. He gets embarrassed when I do that, but I surely will. We can never say thank you enough to those, especially the young ones who give us everything they have, so we can have the life we have. And thank you for loving my audio books too. JD Hart does a master’s job of bringing the stories to life as only he can do.

  13. I love your stories! I have all of them and all of them that are available in audio also. JD…swoon! Lol Thank you for your son’s service. My son is a Army Reservist Staff Sgt who has seen 1 tour in Iraq and 1 tour in Afghanistan, my son-in-law is an Army Sgt serving as a recruiter now but did 3 tours in Iraq and 1 tour in Afghanistan. They are the first for me in my family to serve and I have learned so much about Army life in the last 11 years. I’m a proud Army mom!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I’ll probably have to go back and reread some of if not all of the previous books. Thank you for sharing your talent of story telling Sharon. It’s greatly appreciated.

    1. Congrats Karen. And thank you and your family for their service too. What a wonderful thing to have in common with you. You know how much what you’re learned about the Army has enhanced your life. Many people don’t get to see that, and I’m sorry for that. Bless you.

  14. Love your writing, have most of your books. FINALLY, someone is taking a chance to write about older folks finding love. Thank you for taking a chance on this market.

    Faithful follower . . .


  15. I look foward to this series. I am a romance reader in her late 60s and my joy is reading. I love SEAL stories. It is a treat to know that I will be reading about men and women who are out of their 20s and maye early 30s. People with experiences, some good, some not, who are living with the hope for a meaningful, satisfying love deserve stories too. We’ve waited for the opportunity.

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