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True Blue SEALs Zak a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton

Navy SEALs – What’s Not To Love? SUNDAYS WITH SHARON

Print/Audio books Available 9/25

Navy SEALs. As readers, we can’t live without them. Like pirates of the High Seas and heroes of the Wild West, Navy SEAL heroes are big, big business in romance today. Mystery and suspense writers are having Navy SEAL and former SEAL characters show up in books. Paranormal writers have been adding SEALs to their menu of colorful characters. They are indeed the stuff of legends.

I’m not a purist, and I certainly take great liberties with non-fiction stories I’ve read, people I’ve interviewed and conversations I’ve overheard. I would hope that no one takes any fiction writer’s words as gospel because the knowledge of the community is all over the lot when it comes to military romance. Some complain about the lack of “getting it right.” I say a story is a story. We get ideas when we go to movies, but does anyone really believe the plots we view on the big screen are real? Even plausible?

After all, life is a story. It’s all made up, anyway. We’re all here acting out our little drama for this brief time on this planet. If we were all seeking pure truth, we’d still be arguing about how many angels could fit on the head of a pin and still we wouldn’t have the answer.

Releasing 10-14-15 including Audio

Good stories are just that, good stories. A kernel of truth, some mixture of angst, lust, love, desire to become better, more whole, loved more, respected, rooting out bad guys and seeking the elusive Happily Ever After – all these things make up for a good story. When we suspend disbelief, when we believe in things greater than ourselves, we say a book or a story inspires us. As writers, we all want to write that book that makes someone stay up all night long finishing. Grabs hold of you and never lets go.

When I first wrote my Navy SEALs back in 2011, there weren’t a lot of other writers doing it. Now it seems like everyone is, and I say all the better. My first book faire was miserable. I sat and asked if people liked reading military romance and readers looked at me like I was nuts. Like the words military and romance didn’t belong together. I even had a lady ask me, “What’s so romantic about war?”

Heck, today we have zombie, ghost and caribou shapeshifter romance. I can remember when the critics used to argue with how much action and how much sex a military romantic suspense novel should have. Say what? That’s like the judge who marked me down for having a female guardian angel, “because everyone knows guardian angels are all male.” Apparently her antennae was not as bent as mine is and she got the straight scoop.

Well, I’m completing my 11th Navy SEAL book as you read this. And someone in advertising said no series should go beyond five or six. Meanwhile, I’m disobeying some law of fictioncraft (happily, I might add) and don’t see an end to this series on the horizon.

I’ve attached some new covers of things you’ll see coming soon, most of them will be completed before the end of the year and some of them on preorder or better.

I can honestly say to you dear friends, that I am not chasing the trend. I prefer to think I helped start it. The sound you’re hearing is a big old pat on my back. But now I have to get back to my computer. After all, we are only as good as our latest book.


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  1. I got distracted by your words like always before I ever checked out the covers. See that's why we are friends. I read for a good Story and your write me awesome stories. I am thrilled to see so many news covers. More of our hot sexy suspenseful Seals but may I ask Gideon is one of your paranormal series or is he a new series? You know I'm in love with your paranormal books too. I'm gonna end up with book shelf just for my Sharon Hamilton books, which isn't a bad thing.
    This was exciting to see this Sunday morning. Hope you are having an outstanding Labor Day weekend. Love you my friend

    1. Yay and glad it excited you, Karen. What a wonderful thing to say to a writer, "I get distracted by your words." Ahhh…music to my ears! I love doing these posts. And you guys don't have to, at least for now (who knows what's in the future, right?) wade through 100 comments to get to me. Not that that's a bad thing. But I enjoy being able to connect at least several times a week with special people, like you!! Feeling's mutual.

    2. Also, yes, Gideon is a paranormal. Big slowdown in paranormal romances right now, and I've got to spend my time with things that sell best, but you'll see a couple coming up I'll test the waters with. Might do this one as a serial, but haven't decided…Gideon is a watcher, half vampire and turned guardian angel by mistake. A freak of Heaven and earth. Love the poor slob!

    3. I love my paranormal romances. Miltary romance is all the rage right now but like eveything else that will change in the blink of an eye. I love reading military romance and have read some really good ones lately but I can't just read them sometimes I just need to disappear in a good paranormal where the rules of the regular world doesn't exist. I am so intriguied by your discription of Gideon and his cover is just HOT. Can't wait to get my hands on his book. Your imagination just amazes me. <3

  2. Your writing makes me believe in something much better and much greater than myself. Your stories are the quintessence of how life should be. Thank you for sharing your world with us my Princess. btw, Your new covers are exciting and vera classy!

    1. Thank you, J.D. And your voice brings them to life. Lots of new work for you to come, as soon as I can get my little fingers to work even faster. Designed the covers so I could have a trajectory to write to. Can't wait for more readers to hear you and your awesome talent. We make a good pair, and you make me a better writer and person as well. We come together in this collaboration and somehow create something greater than both of us combined, and all I can say is, it's magic!

    2. Yeah new books for JD to bring to life. I am so glad you are narrating Sharon's words as you add another depth to her stories when you narrator them for us. The worlds you two bring to life for me are just brilliant

    3. Karen, thank you for sharing that and for your very kind and uplifting words. Working with Sharon is like that magic moment when something delightful and unexpected happens to you and you start feeling goosebumps all over your body. It's that moment when everything comes together and you just know you're in the right place with the right person, doing the right thing. Sharon simply makes me want to be a better narrator, a better man, a better friend. Her writing inspires every cell in my heart and and I feel like she is there with me as I narrate. I just love the world that she creates and I get excited about being a part of her story.

    4. I echo the same, my closest friend and probably the one person in the world who knows my heart inside and out. J.D. you bring the magic and help create what I could not do alone. Honest. I never tire of telling you that, my friend…my forever friend and partner in crime!!

    1. Thanks so much, Judy, for all you've done for me, and believed in me over the years. Honor to call you friend, and fellow writer as well is just a bonus! Our spiritual base is firm, and strong, as our friendship.

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