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Yesterday I babysat my two grandchildren. I’d finally received my copy of Cinderella, the new Disney movie that has outsold all other Disney movies to date. I wasn’t able to see it in the theater, but when I stumbled upon the soundtrack, I had to have the movie. The three of us watched it.

This story is so important, not only because she gets the handsome prince in the end, although that is part of the happily ever after we like to read and write in romance. What was important to me was that it was the first story I heard that I can remember feeling the joy of belonging somewhere. Being wanted. Finding my magical doorway to the rest of my life. It was such an uncommon thought for someone less than three years old. I can remember it as if it was yesterday. It has colored everything I do, every choice I made in life since. And it started with a story, a little record player and a picture book to go along with it.

And a room by myself in the upstairs of my huge house. It was like Cinderella’s attic. Where all the dreaming and magic happened.

One of the things that graces us when we age is that a lot of things fall away. We forget some hurts. We are smoothed over by the passage of time so that the sun comes out again after a long night, bad feelings and hurtful situations soon fade into the patchwork that is our lives.

One of my favorite songs is “Why Don’t We Just Dance.” I’ve used it in several of my SEAL books, because, when things are strange, when things are perched on a cliff of unknown height, when we aren’t sure what to do, I think it’s just a good idea to kick of your shoes and just dance. That’s how the record ended, with the song, “So This is Love.” and she is dancing in a beautiful ball gown in front of a crowd of people who wished they were dancing too.

Another favorite song of mine is The Dance, “I could have done without the pain but then I would have missed the dance.” What a wonderful line that is.

I was Cinderella in those days. Every fibre of my being was forged into the romantic with rose colored glasses, a dreamer. I learned how to let myself feel. A gift from my three-year-old self to the woman I am today. I am grateful to that little girl who had the courage to take that first step out on the dance floor.

This week, we are launching a beautiful documentary called Love Between The Covers. I financially supported this film (if you scroll down slowly you’ll see my name!). I did it because the story has to be told. When I started writing, I had no idea it would be so. It has made me a successful author who can support myself living just about anywhere in the country. It’s also important that the world knows what romance does for us. It heals us. I want everyone to know this.

I took a writing workshop very early in my career, and developed the tagline:  True Love Heals In The Gardens Of The Heart. I wanted to have gardens in my website and use it on promotional things and was talked out of it. Experts. Some day I’ll write a post on experts. Thank God I haven’t listened to them all the time! And yes, sometimes you have to do things wrong first before you learn.

The story that I’m not ashamed to tell is that romance is good for us. You can read my posts of the last month, and just about all of them are on this subject. What happens to our brains, what happens to our general mood when we fall in love, deep, satisfying romantic love.

I watched transfixed as Cinderella danced in that beautiful blue dress, in the arms of the handsome price who twirled her and took her places she could not go by herself–but places she had dreamt.

I think we were meant to dance all our lives, just like we were meant to read about falling in love, letting it make us feel good. To whisper our love stories to the crickets and stars at night, to feel the old earth rotating slowly, oblivious of the passage of time. It all starts with believing in the dance of the heart.

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  1. Music and love two of the best things in life. Loved this post although now Julie has me wanting to watch Sound of Music.
    Sharon I'm glad you didn't go the normal route as I've enjoyed the path you've gone as a writer, your books would be different if you had. Flowers are another thing that makes this life beautiful

    1. Flowers, yes!!! Hopeless romantics, we all are, aren't we? You, Julie, and all out other friends, we all share that common ache of the heart that feels so good! Always searching for more, and I'm saying that as a good thing.

      Just like flowers. One or a bouquet is wonderful. A field of flowers, which is what I hope to have some day, now that would be spectacular!! Enjoy your Sunday Karen, and so glad you're here.

  2. Great post as usual! You are such a romantic, Sharon! Cinderella is my fave story too, I was cast as Cinderella in the play at the end of my kindergarten years. I still remember the applause of the hall that was full of people and me crying, I used to be very shy, but when I donned the beautiful dress for the ball my mother made I was happy. Memories! I still have the slippers 😀

    1. LOL, Eniko! That's why we've been such good friends over the years. I am a romantic. Sounds like I'm in good company. That's such a precious story about your mother making that ball gown. Love hearing that!!

    2. She made all the costumes, I am sad that all my pictures were lost after I left the country. The prince was a boy I was really sweet on… Aaah the memories!

  3. Wonderful post Sharon! I too am a huge fan of Cinderella. My first Cinderella experience was the 1965 TV-version of the classic fairy tale, set to a Rodgers and Hammerstein score.

    Director: Charles S. Dubin
    Writer: Joseph Schrank (teleplay)
    Stars: Ginger Rogers, Walter Pidgeon, Celeste Holm | See full cast and crew »

    Then I saw The Slipper and the Rose with Richard Chamberlain when I was 16 years old, visiting NY city. I was blown away. Romance struck me like a lightening bolt. I wanted to live in that kind of world, be that kind of a prince and have that kind of love. Magical! I will always be a hopeful romantic.

    Thankfully, your stories allow us to live that kind of life, if only in our hearts and minds. Here's too love, romance, happy endings and The Dance! xoxoxoxox

    1. Ah yes! You are also one of us, J.D. Very special that you are able to tune into this. Dreamers are smetimes shouted down, but our sensitive parts and the way we can let our hearts soar, open freely, that's what creates all the magic. I am honored to have you at my side, breathing life into the stories we tell together. It is, after all, true reality – to make things from dreams. Thank you, my prince! oxoxoxox

  4. I also wore out the LP of Cinderella when I was a child. I was lucky to have three older siblings (and one younger) who loved to take the sisters to the newest Disney film in the 1960s and 70s. My mother and aunt loved music, so there was always music being played at our home. It's one of the things that still is very special to me and as I've grown older, hopefully someday I'll be able to pass onto my grandchildren. For now, I share the love of music with my great niece who loves to dance and sing. I was lucky to find both my prince and happily ever after in my husband of 37 years.

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