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Lucas a Book by Author Sharon Hamilton


Releases tomorrow!

My new release, Band of Bachelors: Lucas, will be here tonight at midnight. I’ve loved writing this story from beginning to end. The idea first came to me when our son moved from New York City, to Park City, Utah, and then home to California. I go into this in depth in my Newsletter this month. Be sure to sign up, if you’re not already a subscriber.

We get our stories from real life. You’ve all seen the tee-shirt: “Be nice to me or I’ll put you in my book,” and for some, this can be dangerous. For others, it could be flattering. I’m working on a new story this week for another anthology I’ll be in that’s due early November, and I’ve promised the real person I’d make a character that was as yummy as possible. You can bet I’ll be taking all the good, and making up the bad.

DJ’s experiences living with a household of bachelors in Park City was life changing. I can say here what I couldn’t say in my newsletter (did you subscribe? LOL), that in addition to the fact that these men were older and divorced, they were also excommunicated (if this is the correct term) LDS members. I presume that’s because of the raucous activity they participated in, namely the use of alcohol. But I imagine their language, general lifestyle and the use of “professionals” for their dating needs didn’t ingratiate them to the church. It almost certainly made the possibility of a reconciliation with their wives a zero percent chance of success, on purpose. I certainly couldn’t use any of that in the book, not that other authors don’t, but I don’t believe in knocking anyone’s beliefs, whether they be traditional or otherwise. Besides, this has nothing to do with religion, but a lack of faith in something greater than themselves. My hero, Navy SEAL Lucas Shipley, eventually parts ways with them, just like DJ did.

My son came home with lots of material, and we actually had fun thinking up how we could turn this experience into some kind of TV show. The bachelors were always giving him horrible advice. Very bad advice. Being single and young, he knew he had to leave when, as he says in his words, “Mom, I’m starting to believe them.”

And that’s the kernel of what began to grow when I thought about the Band of Bachelors. The book trailer J.D. Hart, my awesome Storyteller and best friend, captures it perfectly.

It’s always kind of cathartic when I finish one book. I never really want to say goodbye to my characters. So I try to weave people from one book into another, but not leave a future reader lost if they haven’t read the whole series. It rewards the repeat and returning reader by allowing them to experience the whole chain of events, the arc of the whole team, from the first book, Accidental SEAL (still free) to the current one, Band of Bachelors: Lucas. Little novellas or boxed sets with other material are branches off the main tree of my Brotherhood. I want that tree to grow wide, have many strong arms and branches, and grow forever, or as long as my fingers and brain hold out.
So today, I prepare for my launch day. I’m not doing the crazy big parties I used to do, just trying something more generic and sane. Doing some promo today, tomorrow and during the next 2 weeks. I’d love for you to join me from 7-8 PM tonight, where I’ll be at Authors Appreciation facebook event where I’ll answer questions and we’ll do some prizes and giveaways, and I’ll also be at a live chat (my first one) from 9-10 PM Eastern at Writer Space here.
Well, if you and I get to talk at a conference, or online, or in a chat, or by email or anywhere else you channel me, perhaps one day you too will become part of my story. I’ve been known to bend some rules and make my friends into dancers, heroines and heroes and everything in between.
Enjoy your Sunday, my friends.

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  1. Sharon I'm super excited about this book almost being here. I must say you are a treasure to hang out with be it in person or on-line. I'm forever grateful I picked up that first book of yours at IRC in 2013. I've loved every book I've read of yours since then. Knowing the amazing person you are along with being an amazing author just makes me grateful I can call you my friend. Hope to make it to the party tonight. May you have an amazing Sunday
    Hugs your friend always ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Karen. I love what I do. And love to meet all the great people like me that sparkle my day. Just a real, genuine treat. We do have fun. It's the one part of the writer's journey that makes all the frustration and hard work worth it. Can't imagine ever doing anything else! Thanks for always showing up for my Sundays. Means a lot to me, especially since you too are busy!!

  2. Awesome post Sharon! Congratulations on the release of Lucas. I know it's going to be a huge success. I hope one day that some of my life story finds it's way into your book and that you turn me into a hero! I feel like a hero every time that I get to tell your story. Thank you my Princess! xoxoxoxox

    1. Well, as you know, I'm working on that today, as a matter of fact!! Love telling stories and like I said, I promise to make you yummier than you already are….if that's possible.

      Thank you, my best friend, for making this journey so fun and so rewarding. Being able to work with another artist as talented as you are, and who has such deep feelings about romance and love so similar to my own, it's like whipped cream and strawberries every day! I cherish and value our collaborations. Seems only fair that I write you into a book, right? It is, after all, what I do…

  3. I'm so proud I've had my SEAL and HEA thanks Sharon and JD I still get the shivers when I hear Miss Julie. Oh I get to read Lucas quicker this side of the pond to. Wishing you all the best with it Sharon.

  4. This is wonderful news Sharon and so "just in time" as I've been struggling loads lately. I can always count on a lifting of spirits from your imagination and JD's telling it! 🙂 I'm looking forward to LUCAS and who knows maybe one day a Spanish Conchita will also make a guest appearance, LOL, I'll check everyday till it's available for download. My browser has your name memorized! I just write Sh…. and Sharon Hamilton comes up, your books are on auto-pilot for me always. Thank you,very big hugs from Spain xoxox

    1. Hugs and kisses back at you, Conchita. You won't have to wait long, tomorrow's the day, and I think you're the same time zone as Julie, so it will be Midnight tonight! Lucas was a fun one to write. But I'm working on others you're going to love. JD starts the full audio of it this week, and I know you'll love that one too! Take care, and thanks for being here today. Hugs for your health and happiness. I mean that.

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