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I get kind of crazy when I’m finishing a book, which usually means I’m anti-social and hermit-like. Not this time. This time, for whatever reason, I’m connected with lots of people. I’ve been working on Romancing The Vines, book signing at Coppola Winery on 2-20-16, coordinating things with the wonderful event staff there and making sure all of us are on the same page. There’s more about that, but I best not put it in writing until after the event.

Then I fly to Hawaii to participate in an author’s conference, and then another book signing in Honolulu for military writers. I’m sponsoring a trip to Pearl Harbor, and the Missouri and Arizona memorials. While I’m there, I’ll be going to a swing dance (stag), but who knows? Perhaps I’ll find a young officer to dance with, since my husband has to stay home this time.

End of February I’ll be attending an Indie Un-Con in San Francisco. Next week I give a luncheon address for a group, talking about Navy SEALs and the heroism they display. This will not be my normal group of writers and avid romance fans, so I’m bringing to them brand new material.

We saw 13 Hours, which is a movie everyone should see, and watched some interviews with the real survivors. I finished Black Sails and Mozart In the Jungle, two new programs for me, which rival my previously favorite: House of Cards.

I’ve completely straightened my writing area, AGAIN! I’ve uncovered my gym, put material and quilting supplies that were encroaching into bins and boxes so I can see what I have. I’ve raided the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores in Healdsburg and Santa Rosa and walked out with every aloha shirt I could find for my quilt.

This is behavior I had when I was pregnant! Impossible now, but perhaps the birth of the book is bringing out all the nesting instincts in me. And I’m still enjoying Christmas, even though the tree is torch-like dry. I’m leaving up all the decorations until the book is done. I have other writer friends who are stressing over deadlines farther out, and I’ve kept my mouth shut.

And I’ve done all this without coffee, can you believe it? And I’ve stuck to my diet, and have lost about 6#, perhaps more now.

I guess what’s happening is I’m organizing my whole world so my focus is sharp and detailed. I call it Fierce Writing. In the zone, as one of my good friends says. I love writing this way. When I walk in and out of rooms, I get excited because they’re clean, orderly and I’m not distracted. I don’t feel bad because everything else has been allowed to slide. This is a planned attack, just like my SEALs do in the books I write. Writing fiercely and clear-headed is a practice, a devotion to something hopefully greater than myself.

Interesting that when I decide to clean up my spaces, I write better. My relationships are cleaner. Even three of my kids said thank you to me for being the mother I was. Two of them actually asked for advice!

Yes, I’ve gone to Heaven.

Okay, now back to the book. I’m working hard, and I do it for you!

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  1. I'm proud of you for sticking to the diet I don't know if I could give coffee up. I can't wait to read what has inspired you during this time. I really wish I could attend the signing out there but at least I get to see you in May in TN. I love the pictures of the old manual typewriters, my Dad actually still types up letters to friends and family on one of those. Have a wonderful Sunday and great week ahead. <3 <3 to my friend

    1. Same to you, Karen!! I used to have one like the colored-key one that had animals on it. Was maroon in color. Loved it. Little did I know I'd be a writer some day!!

      I love old things (as you know). Actually the cravings are over, and I'm doing better than I thought about the coffee. I think I wasn't drinking as much as I was pouring and letting go cold. I'm drinking lots more water now. I think that's given me the energy. But I still love the smell. This isn't permanent, just through the end of the month. thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm actually challenging myself to give up so much creamer as it where most of my calories lay. I only allow myself to put creamer in my coffee on Sunday's and the rest of the week I am drinking black coffee. I'm actually do quite well with this and spending less money at work as I'm bring my own black coffee in my handy thermos.

    1. That's awesome! Yes, we were going through a 1/2 gallon of 1/2&1/2 a month. But I think when (or if) I do go back, I'll stick with really good decaf, and drink it black. Keep it up!

    2. Not sure if I could ever switch to decaf as I love my caffeine too much and I don't drink soft drinks unless I'm sick and then it's gingerale. Coffe is my one guilty pleasure I plan on keeping up for a while. I'm going through a lot less creamer only drinking it on Sunday even with hubby still using it daily. I'm trying to be more active, think more positive and eat less junk. So far I'm doing pretty good along the change at work has made it hard to be more active. Can't wait till we go back to our regular office this weekend.

  3. Good for you! I want to be like you when I grow up. 😉 You've inspired me, which I desperately needed with my own deadline looming and the book not nearly finished enough. Bless you.

  4. Great post my princess. So happy for you. You are in heaven. That's the best place to be. Nothing is impossible there and life is unlimited.
    xoxoxoxoxo, YPP

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