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Magic and Power

I’m always haunted (in a good way) when I come to New Orleans. Some call it Party City, but I feel the spirits mingling with my muse when I come here. My hair stands on end as my muses get drunk on great food, spirits and just that sense that something bigger than me is behind all of it. Best advice? Go with it!

As I write this, my windows are shaking from the thunder and lightning going on outside, another reminder that I’m here, and although I wouldn’t mind getting stuck here for a week or two, I have things to do at home, and much writing to finish. Hearing the sirens and the booms, plus these rolling clouds and dark skies do put me in the paranormal realm, I can use it to finish my latest book. The danger. The unknown. The hope that there’s a Happily Ever After.

There always is.

Who can forget the great coffee and beignets, the music, the pulse of the city and its people. We met a creative panhandler on bicycle outside our restaurant with his dog in a basket on the front – both of them wearing pearls. Pop beads. I wanted to break my own rule, but didn’t.

Watched my Golden State Warriors achieve a third game win for the playoffs in what only could be described as a miracle come from behind. Something is touching my world. My antennae is up.

Tonight Game of Thrones will be up for the grand finale, another epic fantasy that I know will be opening up a new chapter. For what it’s worth, I think there will be a golden egg on the throne, that will hatch. The new ruler will be a cute little dragon, and boy wouldn’t that usher in a new season if the spirits are so inclined?

Let the magic continue and the words flow! Thank you, NOLA and all your ghosts of lives past, both good and bad. I walk through the cellophane of our worlds, and as long as I can come back home, I’m okay with the journey!

Somewhere in all that darkness and storm, there is love!

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