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Cruisin’ for Love is Here!

I loved our cruise from Italy to the Caribbean and Italy to Brazil – two long trips that I’d like to repeat. Both were about 23 days. As you can see in the photo below, crossing the equator has never been so much fun!

As you probably know, so many things can happen at sea. From pirates to terrorists to criminals, and every time we’ve been on one, we’ve heard some fantastic story. Usually, you have to befriend a crew member or officer to get that. And there are also professional cruisers, like the couple we met from Norway, who cruise all year round because it’s cheaper than having a house or being in a care facility. Both older, in their 80’s, they were a kick to get to meet.

We struck a great friendship because of our connection to the SEAL community. They had relatives in the Norwegian Underground and the Norwegian Special Forces – one of the most competent and tough groups of guys out there. My son trained with them for a few weeks and had nothing but respect for them.

The next cruise for me will be one to Scandinavia. I actually have relatives populated throughout Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. My family came over to be able to worship as Baptists and for their children to attend school, which, at the time, wasn’t allowed unless the family was Lutheran. But as in every family, some stay behind, and it’s the descendants of those people whom I’d like to meet.

As you can tell, my love for travel is in every story. Hope you enjoy how the cultures and countries all around the Mediterranean factor into this nice piece. Oh yes, my favorite country in Europe? Italy. Always Italy. That will be another story sometime, staying in a villa outside of Florence, in the family for 400 years. I brought some pepper seeds and small tomato seeds home that I’d never seen anywhere else. And, have you ever tasted (like a cup of it) fresh olive oil? It’s like wheatgrass…

Merry Christmas – my first Christmas SEAL story! All my holiday love to you!

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Third Time is the Charm, or not?

Mark Beale and his wife, Sophia, plan to celebrate ten years of marriage by going on a trans-Atlantic cruise from Italy to the Caribbean at Christmas with their three daughters. Hoping to erase the memories of past cruises which turned out to be complete disasters, they plan to renew their wedding vows, enjoy a relaxing family vacation, and visit Sophia’s mother in Italy.

But for this Navy SEAL and his family, will the third time be the charm, or will they be unlucky again? Why does danger threaten to not only ruin their cruise, but their family?

Enjoy appearances by Captain Teseo Dominichello and other characters from SEAL Team 3.

Readers should enjoy reading Cruisin’ For A SEAL first, the story of how Mark and Sophia met years ago. This book is a continuation of their relationship and the growth of their family after ten years have passed.

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