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What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Been Given?

“Kindness is like snow—it beautifies everything it covers.” – Kahlil Gibran

Disneyland is known as the place where dreams come true, and I know this for a fact. On one visit to Disneyland in 2007, we were delighted when it started snowing. The white, fluffy flakes added another layer of magic to the park’s Christmas on Main Street.

Back when this happened, I never dreamed it would someday connect me to one of you. You can imagine how surprised I was when I received this story from a reader who replied to a recent newsletter asking about the best gift subscribers have ever been given.

The best gift I’ve ever been given? It’s a bit of a story.

I grew up in Upstate NY, and Christmases were always white. I LOVED Christmas snow.
Then I grew up and moved away. The only time I miss the snow is at Christmas time, and I really miss it then. I don’t miss having to wear 52 1/2 pounds of coats, shoveling snow, getting stuck in the snow, or freezing my toes nearly off because there’s a hole in my boot while I put the chains on the car.

What I do miss is driving past houses at night with the pine trees in their front yards festooned with Christmas lights and covered in the newly fallen snow so that they glow from the inside. Seeing people’s Christmas trees in their front picture windows, all covered in lights, ornaments, and shiny icicles on every branch.
But most of all, the VERY most of all, I miss the big, fat, fluffy flakes of snow falling gracefully from the sky on Christmas Eve.

The whole of the 20-plus years I was married to my ex-husband, every year he would ask me what I wanted for Christmas. And every year, I would give him the same answer. Snow. I wanted snow for Christmas. It never happened- he would ridicule me for asking.

Then we got divorced, and several years later, I met my Sweetie. He is the kindest, sweetest, most loving man I have ever had in my life, and I am SO very lucky. That very first Christmas we were together, he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him: snow.

He took me to Disneyland, and one evening in 2007, before Christmas on Main Street in Disneyland, there was a 51-year-old woman standing in the street with her face up to the sky, watching the snow come down and crying because she had been given her heart’s desire for Christmas.

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  1. What a beautiful story! It really is a small world isn’t it? Those are the exact things I miss about snow, too…the beauty of it and the peace it brings, even if only for a moment!

  2. Was actually for my birthday my parents bought me a truck and I’ve had it now for almost 14 years

  3. Beautiful story. And so very me! My birthday is December 13. I always wanted it to snow. I grew up in Dallas, so that was a majorly fruitless wish. I often wondered if my wish was from all the Christmas songs or specials that show snow. All of my family was from Michigan, so I wondered if that was the reason. But in December 1983 we did have some snow! I was so happy!

  4. I lived in Southern California for 12 years,and went to Disneyland every Labor Day. We moved to Ohio for 6 years and only got snow twice! Moved back to SoCal and I took my kids to Disneyland every year – and then didn’t know they did the snow then and now they are taking their kids to Disneyland – no one mentions the snow, but then again, they don’t like crowds so they usually don’t catch the things going on on Main Street. That was one of my favorites. I wished I could have worked in one of those shops!!

  5. Such a beautiful story. I am so glad snow is something you can associate with your Sweetie. Fate works her wonders in magical ways.

  6. The best present I have ever been given was for my Birtbday the year I turned 40. It was a week long trip to Disneyland to celebrate it’s 50th. We got to take our time, see everything my daughters wanted and on my birthday I got to spend time with my favorite Disney Princess, Aurora during a lunch at Ariel’s Grotto.

  7. My high school graduation gift from my parents. I was able to travel to England and France as part of a student program. While in England at Oxford studied English Literature and was able to have a picture taken at the same place my Dad had taken when he was stationed over there in WW2.

  8. Every year my family makes a family calendar of photos from the prior year – I hang it on my fridge so see the pictures every day & flip to a new set every month.

  9. That was a beautiful story. Just when you think your life was crappy, this wonderful second chance at love comes along and makes it worth while. Several years ago my husband got me an emerald necklace, ring and earrings for Christmas. The best present ever.

  10. This is such a beautiful story i love it! I have always wanted to to be in a cabin for a white Christmas with my kids they have never seen snow in real life! The best gift i wver received for Christmas is my furbaby girl chihuahua Princess Gigi ❤️

  11. Beautiful story The best present I have been given is getting to be with my Family my Oldest Grandson is away working in Alaska working on pipelines so he won’t be home for Christmas but he was home for a couple of weeks so we got to spend time with him soo thankful for that. Awesome giveaway thank you sooo much for the opportunity and your generosity

  12. What a great story. The best gifts are people/time and experiences. Things don’t last the way good memories do.

  13. I loved reading that story. That’s why you are a writer. I was gifted a kitten for Christmas. My first of many. I had him for 17 years.

  14. That is a wonderful memory for that woman, thanks for sharing.
    Friendship offered at Christmas from an old friend is the best gift, and I still hold that friendship dear.

  15. The best gift I ever received was a gold ring with my birth stone… Amethyst. From my older sister many years ago for my birthday. Totally surprised me! I had no idea!

  16. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2009, I had 8 1/2 vacation days to use or lose. I spent them with my Mother, just hanging with her and spending time together. On 12/18, we found out her heart valves were failing due to contracting pneumonia while receiving her chemotherapy during November after having congestive heart issues in October. That day she made peace and was ready, we entered her into hospice for final care, she passed on the first of what would have been my last two days working. I cherish that time because I could spend it mostly with her.

  17. I have not read any if the Seal books yet. However, I do have Accidental Seal on my e-reader. I have read Band of Brothers – Lucas and enjoyed it very much. I think it is time to work my way through the Seals.

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