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second time love by Sharon Hamilton book cover

Coming 8/29/23

Second Time Love

On the eve of his stepdaughter’s wedding, Navy SEAL Trace Bennett receives an urgent cry for help from an unexpected source—the bride’s father, Tony, his wife’s ex-husband who is about to be released from prison.

fathers dream book cover by sharon hamilton


Father’s Dream

Navy SEAL Fredo Sanchez and his wife, Mia, learn how far their love will stretch to include an unloved orphan, abandoned and abused. They open their hearts to this little one, only to find the whole world bloom in unexpected ways.

Free To Love S-Hamil book cover


Free As A Bird

A perfect being who is not human…

Set free upon the death of his maker, Adamis begins a life he’d never imagined or trained for. Stunningly handsome and nearly impossible to detect, he is warned not to submit to any medical exam involving bloodwork or DNA testing. He is given all his maker’s research notes and is armed with unpatented enhancements he has yet learned to use.

Annie Carr, Back To Yiu Book Cover


Back To You

Tested by the years of career ups and downs in New York, attempting to salvage a loveless marriage for the sake of his daughters, science fiction bestselling author Frank Borges always wonders what happened to the girl he left behind when he vacationed in Sunset Beach, Florida in order to write his next novel.

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So proud of him and all the great (the best) endorsements a candidate could have. We're going up today to help in the final days. Tuesday will be a celebration, no matter what the outcome. He's like so many others who want what's best for this country. Pray for us!

🔱🇺🇸 An exciting new series that already captures the heart. I was excited to get right into this story
and was not disappointed.

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Happy Release Day!

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Brings tears to my eyes!

Military Monday -- Thank you for your service.

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Happy Release Day!

Trust in Molly by Susan Stoker
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Lookie what I got from FedEx today! Sending off to Ohio this AM!

Our new duet for the RAGT event, with special jacket and cover!

Military Monday -- Support Our Troops

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Those who have heard some of my family stories know that I sponsored a 14 year old boy's soccer team to train for a couple of weeks in the UK with Tottenham coaches. My son was one of them, a goalkeeper. We also had with us a group of older girls and they were the biggest problem! Sneaking out... of the dorms at night with tied bedsheets so they could mingle with the local boys who were ringing our dorm.

The school we stayed at reminded me of a miniature Hogwarts, crests and paintings of heroes lining the eating hall that was I think 300+ years old.

I formed some of the story for SEAL's Goal, about an American goalkeeper playing in the UK, who wore a green jersey, long before I later learned Steve McQueen's grandson played in the UK as a goalkeeper, and Chase McQueen wore a green jersey.

Real life and story are always mixed in my writing world. But these stories stay with me forever. Enjoy this audio book of my heart, and this wonderful review I got today! I'm lucky to have a world-class narrator do all my audio books.

Have a wonderful weekend listening to fantastic audiobooks, my lovelies! Stay salty!

An emotional story
🎧 Audiobook Review 🎧
Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4,5)
Performance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️️⭐️️
Story: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In their youth, Patrick, Stephanie and Ryan were inseparable, but their paths have diverged. Ryan has become a SEAL and at his funeral Stephanie and Patrick meet again after a long time. Patrick reconsiders his career choice and their relationship soon becomes more than friendship. But how do you deal with it when your second partner is also out on dangerous missions?
The book is entertaining and emotional and contains everything a good story needs: grief, drama, romance, action and suspense!

JD Hart is a brilliant narrator. He portrayed the characters perfectly, he read with variety and brought the story to life. It was a pleasure to listen to the audiobook.

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SEAL's Goal: The Beautiful Game

Check out this great listen on Professional goalkeeper Patrick Harrington comes home to the US from England to attend the funeral of his...

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🔱❤️🇺🇸Thank you for your courage, dedication, and hard work. And thank you to the military families for their support, resilience, and sacrifice’s!

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