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Romance Glider


Bought this for Romance Glider’s walls yesterday!

I’ve wanted a writing cottage for several years now. We attended a vintage trailer show recenly, and I bought this 1950 Glider for my writing cave. I need the dedicated space, where I can close a door and be in a different world, without the interruptions of daily life. Not complaining, but I have problems concentrating. My husband has been spending more and more time running his business out of the house, and, though I love him, I can’t write around him and his booming voice and shuffling of papers. His personality fills the house.

My Romance Rider

My writing area, “The Bridge” is beautiful, but the house is so open, with the acoustics like a church, anything gets magnified. I don’t like to have to turn my music down or change it!! So I’ve got my own little space to do all my crazy writer stuff in. The Glider was beiing outfitted with a new red canopy awning and arrives Tuesday!! So excited!!

Bunk beds in the rear. Middle bed. Waiting for red curtains!

This RV is fully self-contained, even having a full bath with shower. The man who restores them redid all the undercarriage, installed AC and heat and completely re-acid washed the outside and replaced the skin on one door and the roof. Everything works. All it takes is for my customizing. I have already raided the local antique market for my 1950’s memorabilia, including an original Post Magazine with Perry Como on the cover, and a Marilyn Monroe calendar. I’ve bought Bakelike utensils and cherry juice cups. My theme will be Route 66/Romance Red.

It’s 65 years old, so I won’t be taking it on long trips. Except in my head. I plan to share all the pictures as I go along, but there are just a few of my faves! More to follow.

Kitchen, soon to be outfitted in red accents. My view. The chrome handles are really cool.

The interior has bunk beds in the back, perfect for babysitting grandkids, and will double as some storage. I’m working on quilting some coverings and curtains. Little by slow, because I can’t drop everything to do it – got books to write – I’ll have the cottage of my dreams. And how great that, just like my life, just like the house I live in, it’s recycled from the past, pulling all the great things in my life forward, leaving behind what doesn’t work. Hope you’ll go on this journey with me.

Next year, I’m going to get a smaller trailer so I can still have that adventure with the Sisters On The Fly (remember that blog post? No men, no children, no pets, play fair). I became an honorary member in May. I intend to follow that conference. And write romance on an outing. Create a story on the road. What do you think?

LATE EDITION:  Thanks to a reader who sent this link. It applies, don’t you think?  Love Shack.  Gitter on the highway…hmmmm. Love it.


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    1. Thank you!!! I'm really excited. It has inspired me already, and it's not even here. I just get excited seeing all the stuff I've bought, and the pictures…More to follow. Be sure to join me in the journey!

  1. You're living out all my dreams my Princess. I think what you're doing is magnificent right down to the Post cover of Perry Como, one of my favorites. I know this cottage will inspire the creative juices in you to continue to turn out the stories that we all love and cherish. Here's to route 66, The Romance Rider, Perry Como, Marilyn Monroe and the best romance writer in the business! xoxoxoxo

    1. Ahhh, thank you dear, sweet J.D. Yes, I can't wait to be able to live in the mood, make it last forever! Really fun to be taking this journey with you, my prince…so you can bring all my stories to life.

    2. You make the journey fun, deeper and way more enjoyable, my prince. I'm just the writer, as I've always said. But you add the sparkle! May it forever be so! Enjoying the dance every day. oxoxox YA

    1. Thanks, Julie. Loving that my writing has enabled me to be able to guy this. Fits me much better, including the pocketbook, than buying a new one, or building a cottage. This was actually the least expensive and I think the best choice available to me.

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