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Pirate Booty

Pirate Bounty (and lots of Booty) At KallypsoCon SUNDAYS WITH SHARON

We’ve had a wonderful two days at KallypsoCon. I got to meet readers I have never met. We had lots of opportunity to sit, have dinner with, and play games with readers, about half of whom were from the New England area. I had never been in New England in the fall, and, although the bright colors were gone, I still got to see the tail end of it. One more thing checked off my bucket list.

Kallypso Masters does a great job bringing together other authors and readers at every venue she’s at. Her loyal fans soon became my fans, and vice versa. In the true spirit of love and friendship, we all help each other as authors, by serving the readers. A reader-centric convention is unusual in this business. In my opinion it is something I wish more conventions focused on.

So what did we do? We had panel discussions about why we write military heroes, how we got started being interested in our genre, what’s new for us, and how we write. We told stories and played games that brought tears to our eyes. I met readers from the UK, from Canada, and even Puerto Rico.

There were several husbands who attended, and I was happy to see that. Great to see how they support their author wives, all of them had military backgrounds we could learn from.

Next year’s KallypsoCon will be a cowboy theme, and I don’t write those, so I won’t be in attendance, but if you’re a reader and you want to get up close and personal with some of the best cowboy writers in the business, I’d look to book your tickets for KallypsoCon in Casper, Wyoming, early. It will sell out. I already know they have a stable of great authors ready to thrill your reading needs.

We continue this morning with more craft events and some games, and more reader interaction. We had a grat time using old keys from my house fire, making necklaces that readers will enjoy for years to come. Wasn’t sure how it would go over, but it was very popular. Now I get to lug that 15# anvil home!!

Sold lots of books, and networked with bloggers and several reviewers who had reviewed my books. It was an honor to be part of this group. Can’t wait to get home today, but it was fun being part of this great event.

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  1. Excellent post my Princess. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Very happy you were able to attend and mingle with the readers. I'm sure you made many new fans. Love your costume!! xoxoxox

    1. Thanks! You'll probably see it again at Sandy's Nashville con again next year!! I thought of you when I took this photo (she doesn't like her picture taken, so was extra nice letting me do it). Knew you'd like to see Coop's possible new love interest. Variety, the spice of life, right? LOL.

  2. Sounds like you all had lots of fun. Wish I could have been there. I will get to meet Kally next year since she will be coming to my city and I hope to meet you someday soon also.

  3. I'm so glad you had a great time. Another great post. If you did write Cowboys you would do a great job I'm sure lol. I hope to make a Kallysocon one year. PS the costume were awesome. Loved all the pictures

    1. They really were. JM put her face on in front of me – was a tattoo, and now I want one. All the costumes were great. I think Sandy is doing that at her event, and I vote for pirates too. Really fun. Wish you were there.

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