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My mind is flooded with ideas and things I can do to help my writing career. I’m also very grateful to all the presenters and awesome authors who shared so freely and gave me such wonderful inspiration. We rarely get to go to things so jam packed with material. Although most of my pictures were taken in front or behind an umbrella drink, most of my time here has not been spent drinking.

I described my mind as “frizzy” like a bad hair day. It will take a couple of days to calm it down.

Getting to meet Hollywood people who have actually read and enjoyed my books was a super rush for me. I learned some things about what I need to do with a screen play to make it more packaged for the TV series I think it would work for. I also learned what had to be done to create the screen play for a movie, which is very different than the TV series.

There were lots of author platforms and retail platforms I hadn’t considered using that I will now be doing. Learned the importance of FB ads and now I’ll be getting blood with them.

Highlight was of course the Pearl Harbor tour, which I sponsored. The trip to the Arizona Memorial, the Mighty Mo, learning more about the Kamakaze pilot who perished on the deck of the Missouri. Saturday a small group of us signed books at Hickam AFB in the beautiful Community Center building built in the 1930’s. I love that style architecture. We toured buildings on grounds that had absorbed divots in the concrete where Japanese rounds had landed. Viewed the flag that was standing that day, and the eternal flame commemorating all those who lost their lives.

I poked my head into the Officer’s Club and I did feel like I’d been transported back to those days.

The beautiful beaches, outstanding food and drinks, the shopping, and weather was just a plus. I’d have come here if it was just for the classes, but to have all the other wonderful things about being in Hawaii too, well, it was indeed learning in Paradise. I go back richer in ideas and excitement, a little poorer in the pocketbook, but satisfied.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm especially glad that you had the opportunity to see the military history off the beaten path. Just imagine going to work each day in the "Big Barracks", home of the Pacific Air Forces, walking by the strafing holes in the metal staircase or the tattered flag from that day of infamy. I also look forward to seeing how you immerse what you learned into your writing career!

  2. It was awesome, Kim. Came away with a whole new appreciation for that time, for the time that is now, built upon that time, and all the stories of the hearts and minds of those who served and their families. This was my first trip to Hickam, and I'm so glad I went. Will be back. Donated books, but it was even more important to speak to military wives who are readers.

  3. Thank you for sharing your paradisiacal Aloha experience with us. It sounds absolutely wonderful. I'm certain that you left Hawaii a little richer for having been there as well. Just as you touch everyone you meet with an everlasting impression of beauty and goodness. Happy Valentine's Day to the Queen of Romance on this most romantic day!


    1. That's so sweet of you to say that when I know you have your own Valentine I know you're loving today. Love sharing everything I can with you!! Happy Valentine's Day – to the voice of romance, but the heart of a true lover.

    1. We all learned so much. Wonderful group of gals. So nice to have something just for the writers, where we could talk frankly, and not be "on camera" if you know what I mean. I've got a lot to do, but that's why I came.

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