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WRITING ROMANCE IN A SERIES – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I’m energized by a little project I’m working on this weekend, taking a writing break. I’m doing a talk at Desert Dreams on Writing Series, Making Them Sizzle. I always love these projects because although I know the points I want to make, some of the results and demonstration are going to be surprises for me.

I’ve got all this office supply stuff (who else but me can spend too much in the office supply store, who covets paper and pens and stickers and stuff over clothes and jewelry I used to lust over?), and will be creating a banner to demonstrate what I mean at the class. I’m going to put all my series covers side by side and then identify the characters in that book, and then show other books that they show up in.

Now, believe me or not, even I forget sometimes, so there is this very handy feature in Word that allows me to search a term, a name, to find out all the references for it in the book. Easy peasy, right? Well then I thought I’d do tape to show where they completed a string, or an arc of the story.

I think one of the things that works in a series is when you connect them, like a quilt, putting pieces from other stories together, inserting them for extra color and texture. But you don’t want to disorient a new reader and you don’t want to bore an old reader. There is a right tipping point of information, just the right amount and not too much. I rely on my editors for some of this, because some I clearly don’t see.

Okay, I’m a collector and couldn’t help myself.

So, I’m anxious to see how it turns out. My mind works, like the creative place it is, now wondering if I could do it in a real fabric quilt, using different patterns for each book, and re-using those fabrics later to make a random, patchwork art piece of my series. I love “found” things and pieces that didn’t go together before that make something new and beautiful. The elixir of creative life filled with passion and purpose.

By the way, will you be in Scottsdale April 7-10? The Desert Dreams Convention still has spaces. Or, if you’re a reader in the area, want to get together for a coffee or some chow? Let me know. Would love to meet you, or see you again.

J.D. Hart, my pirate storyteller, who narrates all my books.

J.D. Hart and I are also doing a class on audio book production, and then a session afterwards for those who want more in-depth brainstorming. The Pirate Prince and I would love to see you there…

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  1. Ahoy me princess!! We be sailin' to the Desert Dreams Convention. Hoist ye sails and bring ye motherload. We be hopin' to meet a lot of plunderers seekin' ye treasures. Aye!

    Ye Pirate Prince

  2. I'm patiently waiting for May to see you again. Wonderful article and that sounds like an awesome idea for a quilt. I still adore my quilt you made with just a few of your books covers. One with all of your books covers would be awesome. Take pictures when you get your project completed for Arizona dreaming it sounds really cool. I hope you and JD have a wonderful time. JD your one of my favorite narrators I'd love to listen to you talk about productions audio books. I love to learn stuff from behind the scenes
    Have a wonderful Sunday Sharon hugs and much love 🙂

    1. Thank you, sweet Karen!! My pleasure!! Can't wait to see you as well. I will be there for sure, and perhaps JD too. But I can't wait and yes, I'll take those pictures!

    1. Oh, it will be wonderful! Let me know if you need anything. I think my Order Form is up on the site. Not sure though. But if there's anything missing on your bookshelf, let me know! I got my Love Sucks tees!!! And new sizes in the pink camo tees.

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