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Writing is Work

Writing is work.
There are days when you just write because you don’t know what else to do. Or because not writing feels like giving up. Or that you don’t fit in anywhere else. Or that you’ve forgotten how to be or do anything else.
You have to have a thick skin.
Some days you disappoint yourself.
Other days others disappoint you.
Nothing is for sure or stable.
The world is burning.
And I’m still writing.
The fairy princesses have flown away.
Duty, honor and true love are still possible.
But darn! There are so many potholes.
It’s day 5 of BUD/S.
I hear the bell ring, but someone else pulled the strap.
I’m still here.
And so are you. Are you listening now? When do the clowns come out and play?


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  1. The clowns are always waiting for someone to choose to laugh. Sit in the mud puddle, to catch your breath, if you must but only for a moment. Then slog on. There is only forward because back is unthinkable. I've worked too hard to make it this far to quit. Keep fighting. The only easy day is yesterday.

  2. Charge ahead with no fear. Think of yourself as a femaleSEAL. Grab the words when they flow and sit in the fresh air and let your mind wonder when they don't. It's important for some me time and there's alway shoe or underwear shopping

  3. No bell ringing! You are friggen phenomenal. Sit on your porch or lanai, tea coffee or bourbon in hand. Reflect on how happy you make people like me who embrace your creations fully enamoured of the Heros you bring to life

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