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Who could resist this face? We visited with some people who were trying to care for this little orphan puppy, once loved, but the product of a divorce. My heart broke when I saw such a sweet dog having to live in an environment that isn’t healthy for Dobermans. They need a lot of affection, and a lot of connection to their humans. They are working dogs, so they need a place to run. The pup practically wouldn’t let me leave, and his behavior told me he was starved for affection. I knew we could give that affection and the right environment for him to heal.

When we left, I mentioned that if they needed a home for this darling, sweet tan Doberman, that we could provide a loving home. They of course had to check with the original owners, and the next day, they delivered this pup to our front door. He’s scared, very skinny, but has one of the sweetest temperaments I’ve ever seen in a dog. It’s a pure joy to see him running in our seven acre fenced yard, trying to keep up with the older dogs. He’s already faster than Rosa (who is a bit chunky and everyone mistakes her for a Chocolate Lab).

We named him Tucker, since he’s a Tan. Now we have a Blue, (Blue), a Red (Rosa), and a Tan (Tucker). Blue and Rosa are adjusting surprisingly well. Both of them are rather spoiled, so there have been some growling and boundary setting issues, but so far it’s been better than we expected. And he didn’t cry all night long. He can’t make it upstairs yet (probably never experienced them), nor does he know what a dog toy or a dog treat is.

He slept on a new bed I bought him with a fleece cover, and when I showed it to him, he lay right down on it like he understood. We have beds all over our house for the other dogs, but I wanted a fresh one without a scent to be his. My two older ones are delighted they can have the entire upstairs to themselves – their sanctuary. He doesn’t pee in the house either, which is the one phase of puppyhood I wasn’t looking forward to.

We think he’ll be big, as we estimate he’s about 5 months old. He goes to the vet this week for shots and a checkup. We’ll get a little meat on him, if we can, so we don’t see those ribs, which are painful to watch.

But what a joy, and a pure love. Next issue will be having him neutered, but one event at a time. We’ll let him get adjusted first. Then we’ll deal with his manhood issue. LOL. Rosa and Blue are both fixed. We want him to heal when he feels more confident in his surroundings.

We felt we saved this sweet dog’s life. Welcome to the family, Tucker.


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  1. Congrats on your new furbaby, and thanks for rescuing him. In 2009, I rescued a Dobie-Lab mix. She was being boarded where I worked, and when her owners came to get her on Saturday, they mentioned they were going to take her to the vet on Monday to have her put down because she was "too aggressive". She wasn't aggressive, she was just a puppy, and her only problem was jumping on people because she was so excited to greet them!

    So, needless to say, my husband and I adopted her. Within just a couple of weeks, Ruby showed she was a wonderful, well-behaved sweetheart. She still does jump occasionally, but we don't care because she is so wonderful in all other respects.

    My husband passed away a couple of months ago, and Ruby is mourning the loss of her daddy.

  2. Congratulations on your new family member!!! Thank you for taking this guy and giving him the love he needs. Too many times dogs are misunderstood and they act like the dogs they are and people just don't get it.

    1. He already is. And Blue and Rosa have learned how to ditch him already! LOL. We give him a few, pets, let him come into the kitchen, and voila! The other two show up at the door! So we let them all out together, and Tucker tries to keep up. He's learning.

    1. You are so right…He's a love. Doesn't want to leave my side. He's already liking the runs in the backyard, and his Greyhound lineage is showing. He's fast! I don't think he ever had a field to run in before. It will be good for him.

  3. Thank you for saving Tucker's life. He found the best possible home and family. Wish we were neighbors and our doggies could play together! xoxoxox, YP

    1. Oh me too. Some day I'll wind up in Tennessee and maybe that can happen. He's such a love, even if we did find he's probably got worms! LOL. He's off to the vet right now, and we certainly hope we can get him righted. Meantime, I'm loving him, but washing my hands 20 times a day! OXOXOX YA

    2. Got all his shots and will get more in 2 weeks. Loaded with worms, but all treated now. We expected this. The entire vet staff just loved him and told Don he was the sweetest Doberman they'd ever seen. He's soaking up the love, and it was nice to see the two older dogs greet him at the door, wagging their tales. He's becoming part of the family, indeed.

      And yes, there's still that ache in my heart. Miss you too…oxoxox

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