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Gustavo, who graces my cover and makes me happy every time I look at him.

While I might dream about being in the company of some of my models (just for fun, mind you), like the gentleman here, my writing sisters are the ones who inspire me the most.

AquamanBeing a writer today can be very lonely, but none of us achieve any degree of success without help from our other writing buddies, our families and friends, and other professionals in the business. It can be a long-distance from a great review or a huge payday, and while I don’t write for those things, they certainly spur me on and inspire me.

There are so many shiny objects out there, things that we want to try, things others have tried. And the constant rush and push to get the next book out. I have some friends who can do one book a month. I have some writer friends who are envious of those who can do this, and feel less for not being able to keep up that pace.

Jameson-CharlotteFor me, it’s all about reminding readers about my backlist between my new releases, and all the wonderful heroes I’ve fallen in love with when I wrote them. I can’t think of doing anything more fun.

Thanks for being one of my readers!

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  1. Your writing inspires your readers! I alway look forward to your characters, their depth, the situations they find themselves in, their strengths and even more their vulnerability. Readers can feel what you write!

    I especially love your dedication to your readers ❤️ Sharon Hamilton is an amazing writer! Thank you for giving readers a little of yourself with each of your books ?

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