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Lock Down to Amp Up

Writing CottagesI had a silly thought. Here we are on lock down, not able to fly to places we’d like to be, have those nice beach vacations (I’m envious, can you tell?), but I’m gardening, paying bills, straightening my office, doing laundry, cleaning, doing puzzles and of course writing! Oh yes, some reading, and I’m very caught up on my sleep.

But writing is my day job so that’s what I’m focusing here. My dog is delighted for the lock down. We sometimes call Dobermans “The Velcro Dog” because he never is more than 2′ away from me, even when I’m in the shower or getting dressed (he watches everything), doing laundry, or watering the garden. If I take a minute to watch something on the TV he’s right beside me.

I’m working on my Sunset SEALs books, with Treasure Island SEAL, and I get guilty pleasure doing things in my head I can’t do in person – I make love at the beach, kiss at the beach, watch sunsets, lie in the warm sand, etc. I’m not worried about 10 people around me when I talk about congregating at a Crabby Bill’s or other Margarita Joints I do in my books.Roses

Well, you can quarantine the body, but not the mind, and thank goodness! I don’t want to ask anybody’s permission to do so. The only real thing I miss is the nurseries, because I’d be haunting them, looking for new varieties of veggies and flowers to plant. I have a small space, so I have to be careful!

I’m hopeful, because I’m getting to spend more time writing than I usually do. I’m less busy with too many busy things. It’s making me able to complete full sentences with my family. We’re texting more, slowing down or eliminating things we just can’t worry about.

Maybe I’m becoming my dog, Tucker. He doesn’t worry about anything! He knows something’s up, but he doesn’t care.

I once gave this to a friend of mine who read it at a big gathering and cracked up the audience before he could finish. Hope you enjoy this little bit of humor:

Why a Dog is better than a husband/boyfriend/fake friend:

  1. Dogs Never cheat
  2. Dogs don’t care if you put on a few pounds.
  3. Dogs Love to Cuddle
  4. The later you are, the more excited they are to see you
  5. Dogs never come home drunk
  6. Dogs aren’t threatened if you earn more.
  7. They feel guilty if they do something wrong.
  8. They love it when your friends come over.
  9. They never complain about your cooking.
  10. You can train a dog.

I know these don’t apply in your case but tought you’d enjoy them just the same. Happy LockDown my fearless readers. We’ll get through this together!!

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  1. Love the piece about a dog, it is so true, we have two Australian Cattle Dogs and they are my shadows to everywhere I go around the house especially in the kitchen where we keep their treats. They are great company and Kally thinks he’s a lap dog getting up on my knees for a belly or back scratch.

  2. So true! Dogs are way better. Yet- can’t live without my hubby. I ertainly don’t think of him as a dog!

  3. Good advice❣️
    I shared the cute dog part.
    Happy gardening. Waiting for sunshine here to do mine.
    Linda C.

    1. Thanks, Linda.
      You’re probably wishing you could spend more time with your granddaughter, and yes, can’t wait to garden more. I have such a small yard now, but it’s mighty! Can’t wait for my first roses!

  4. Thanks Sharon! Can always count on you and other authors to lift my spirits!no shared this in hopes of does others too! ♥

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