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Getting great happens when we keep working. Giving. Going. Webster’s uses terms like, ample, being beyond average, mighty and intense. I love intense, can’t you tell? I also love fun.

A fellow traveler told me, “Do what others won’t do for the next five years and live how others can’t for the rest of your life.” I like this, because it’s simple. We burn the midnight oil at night. We play hard, and long. We enjoy things along the road, but we play hard and we play for keeps.

I used to wonder why people, even when given the keys to the kingdom, wouldn’t take the chance to push themselves just a little bit harder. And pushing myself sometimes means I have to push myself to be emotionally balanced, mature. I can fly off the handle or misread something, and all I cause is pain to myself. I cause misunderstandings when I meant none. Being an adult sometimes is a lot of work.

I used to tell agents I trained that the winning lottery tickets are right in front of you, right within your grasp. You just have to pick them up and cash them in. How funny people hesitate to do that, again showing their fear. And it is a lot of hard work, too. Cashing in those lottery tickets means not doing something else, making a little sacrifice. Sometimes it means a lot of hard work. Doing what others won’t do. That’s how we get great.

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  1. Good post about living well…past the usual restrictions. Go for it. I'm discovering that life can be a whole lot bigger than I thought it was.

  2. Lisa, you are so right. Life is a whole lot bigger than we think. Just look at all the miracles we've experienced already – the synchrodestinies we've had in our lives – the people we've met. Staying home and not playing gets us old fast. We shrivel. We need to expand to live. Thanks for showing up!

  3. Nice post Sharon. We don't know what'd in store for us. We should live for the hear and now. I'm going to get healthier and start

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