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A friend of mine reminded me about writing caves and now the new trend, “She Sheds” and I got inspired again. I’ve still not given up hope that some day soon I’ll have a writing cave of my own. I’m not complaining, but grateful for all I have, but the idea of having a place just for me, some place cozy and single-purposed, like for writing and messing around with my muse in private (like it was illegal or something) excites me.

I write now at a desk that also serves as a bill paying station, a catch-all for anything writing related. Bad news is that it’s a mess most times, and I usually go off to bed without straightening it (bad habit). Good news is that if it is writing related, it’s there. Might be under something, but this sacred space I don’t even let the housecleaners mess with.

I once watched a video of an author building her writing cottage and she made the point that writing should be done in an uncluttered, free place where only that is done. She separated her space from reading area, writing area (with a view that inspired her – mine was to look over my garden and flower gardens which have not been returned yet) and then an “office” desk for all the business of writing, so the two don’t get mixed up. I have no trouble focusing on bills and schedules and planning. My writing muse is something I have to guard carefully. She’s a fragile angel of a thing, a lady, and very sensitive, as I want her to be.

I can write in coffee shops and cafes, at the airport (watching people), over a glass of wine or margarita at my favorite Mexican place, in fact, just about anywhere, especially if I have my headphones. Right now, I write on the “bridge” upstairs in my house, which is open down to the two story living room and near the stairs, so the dogs, my husband, anyone who passes interrupts me. Just hearing the paper shuffling downstairs in my husband’s office (my old writing area I gave back because I found the view of the unfinished construction/driveway not inspiring), or the kitchen activity or TV downstairs is a distraction. Beauty of living in a church-like structure with 24′ ceilings and skylights is it’s wide open and light. We have a 13′ glass garage door on one wall of the dining room. But everything echoes.

Writing cozy is beter, methinks. And some day, I’ll have that. Thank you, Cherokee Hart, for reminding me of some of the ways I can inspire myself!

What about you? Do you have a craft room? Reading room? Writing area or “muse-inspired” place? Love to hear about it.

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  1. My muse is my camera as I've rediscovered my love of photography this year. So I don't really have a space as views inspire me. I'm waiting to get back my film from my old camera that was my husbands grandma's I bought some b&w film for it as I love to take b&w photos. If they turn out well I'll buy more film. My dream is to one day have a darkroom to develop my b&w pictures. I think I'll have my cottage for that
    Happy Sunday Sharon

  2. I'm Messy. I'd love to have a private train carriage. I could just watch movies, read or just chill on the computer. I wouldn't mind a trailer if Luke was there with me he he. Hope you find your oasis.

  3. Excellent post Sharon. I do have my little recording cave in our home. I would love to record outside in nature but that's not possible because of the soundproofing that one must have for recording. In my cave, I do have everything and anything that inspires me. I have little toy statues of some of my favorite heroes and of course three wonderful SEAL posters that you sent to me hanging on my walls. This little cave in our home is only used for recording and nothing else. It took me years to discover how important it is to separate myself from any source of distraction while I'm working. Would love to have that little recording cave near a beach or overlooking the beauty of the mountains in the fall.

    Happy Sunday Sweetheart!

  4. That sounds wonderful! From what I've seen of your photographs, you're muse is strong Karen. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. I love black and white photographs. Love the shading and tones and it takes a special eye to see that.

  5. LOL, Luke and Julie!! Indeed. A private train car, wow! Did you know people have them made and arrange to "hook up" with Amtrack or other train companies to take them all across the US? Probably have private cars in the UK as well. A friend of mind actually did this. They set out from Los Angeles, and by the time they hit Texas, he had to get out. Didn't know he was claustrophobic!

  6. Thank you, J.D. I can only imagine what inspired things would come from that lovely voice if you were overlooking a woods, or a beach. Happy to spend Sunday with you today! Can't wait for the latter part of the week. Nashville!!

  7. Don't despair at being messy – the best research shows that creative minds ARE messy, think better in mess, and the mess does not worry them because they know where everything is.

    My desk is festooned. I think if you are creative and a writer, there is bound to be PAPER and lots of it, loads of pens, pen pots, piles of books and reference, notepads, bits and bobs… and just to let you know, extra to that on mine at the moment is some hand cream, a mug, two dictionaries, several model animals, a bear dressed in a Star Trek uniform, some screen cleaner, two CDs, a pot of drawing pins and a packet of biscuits, a photo of my mum and some chocolate.


  8. Hi, just dropped by from the challenge to say hi. I absolutely love the writer sheds. I didn't know they were called she- sheds, but I've been obsessing over then for a while now. I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to " my writer room." I have told my husband that it is the only gift I will want for at least ten more years, but so far, I havent been so liucky. I would love to have a she- shed in my backyard . It wouldn't need to be very big, but I want air, heat and running water and indoor plumbing and the budget to decorate it to my liking . A girl can dream, right . I enjoyed your post.

    Melissa Sugar
    Twitter @msugar13

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