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The Music of Romance – Hard Rock style

I’m still here in San Diego, after the book signing yesterday at the Hard Rock Hotel. What a place. I didn’t know what a Saturday beach party on top of deck 4 of the hotel, looked like. I do now! The crowd of 200 wore less fabric than I have currently in my hotel room closet. Drunk bodies everywhere. Had a lovely breakfast with readers yesterday, and again today with two special people over at Buster’s. And OMG discovered people collect Hard Rock pins. My nemesis. Now I have to start doing this, in addition to my Disney pin collection. I’m so bad, I should be locked up.

Tonight I’m having dinner with family friends, and then tomorrow over to see Mike and get my new tat. Yes indeed!! I get a new one, to balance out the other shoulder. And catch up (I’m 8 books behind) on my frog prints on my forearm (one for every book).


Gave away some new patches, some I can’t show here. Met some great bloggers and promoters and made some fun plans you guys will love coming up – including an event in Wine Country for next year (fingers crossed).

So, I came with  no expectations, and walk away with pure love in my heart for all of you. I love the music here as I’m writing this. Did you know that it helps if you do music on repeat? Helps you concentrate when you hear the same thing over and over again? I love the purses I lust after but won’t buy this time – maybe next. I loved the walk through the gas lamp district. The cheer groups at the Convention Center (brings back memories of Volleyball tournaments). The huge boats I’ll never own, with names like Norma Jean and PayChex, from all over the world, including St. Thomas.

I recalled the day my son talked me into skydiving, and sat near the table we all sat at that one Sunday after his graduation. I showed the park where several of my couples have had sex. Had a nice long conversation with my dear best friend. I won’t make it so long next time.

Donuts and Flowers

Oh, I need to ask, have you preordered SEALed At The Altar yet? You won’t regret it. Working on finishing the chapters and adding some jewels this weekend. Getting some information from Mike tomorrow (2 X SEAL buddy).

Life is not what we make it, but what we want it to be. I love living in this imperfect world where all I have to do to get happy is to imagine it. If I jump into one of my stories, I’m there.

What could be better? What about you?

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    1. Thanks so much, Joyce! I promise you’ll love the next one. Thanks for journeying with me.

  1. That sounds like a great place to stay.
    What a job you have talking to real Seals.. Must be such hard work- lol.
    Always enjoy your books Sharon xx

    1. Thanks so much, Allinson. Yes, hard work indeed! He didn’t hurt me too much with the tat! But yes, someone’s gotta do the tough work! Always love San Diego. As I always say: “I could live here.”

    1. Debbie, could you please splash this all over Facebook every day? LOL. Thanks so much. I always love hearing that!

      oxoxox Smoochies!

  2. I LOVE those patches, and can only imagine what the others have on them, lol. Thanks for those vivid pictures (both real and virtual) and congrats on the upcoming release! You receive the love you put into your stories back from your readers who appreciate all you do to provide wonderful books (and yes, we drool at those hunky SEALs you HAVE to deal with, poor you, lol). Safe travels…

    1. Thanks ELF! Mike is a unique bird, for sure. Not your average SEAL, but then, he’s done more things than your average SEAL. Thanks so much. I do feel the love from you and all my other readers. But it’s wonderful to hear it again.

  3. I love your books. As for not being able to show the rest of those patches, I can only imagine. Then scrolling down, I see that purse. Not only did it make me hungry, whoever made it, brought those donuts to life.

    1. Pamela,
      You are so right. That donut looks real on the print, and the plastic clasp definitely looks real. My daugher (and the baby) loved it. So, shhh! I bought it for her. Spent too much money, but I can’t wait to give it to her today. Don’t tell my husband!

      Thanks for loving my books. I love you and every one of my wonderful readers too!

    1. Carolyn,
      Oh, I hope so! I’m under the grind this week, for sure. But yes, I love writing (call it Fierce Writing) on a deadline. I had a wonderful time in San Diego, as I always do. Made all the merrier by all the readers old and new I got to meet and speak with.

  4. Just love your books and can’t wait to see you again this year at Barbara Vey Readers Appreciation Weekend 2018.

    1. Kristi,
      You bet! I can’t wait too. Nice thing is the book will all be finished and put to bed by then. So, you’ll be able to download it on the last day of Barbara’s event (or the next…) I truly love that women and all the wonderful readers she attracts to her lair. Be sure to give me a squeeze. Are you the Kristi who preordered some things? They’re ready to go!

  5. So pleased to hear your having a marvellous time. Happy to hear about the next book. Good luck with the tats. Have a good chat. Hopefully we hear some in the next book. All the best.

    1. Julue,
      Thanks so much! Oh, yes, there will be some in this book taken from some of the things I know about Mike from before, and a few little glimpses he gave me this time. I love that guy.

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