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Happy Trails

Happy Trails

Got here late last night. Petaluma has a great KOA, with a petting zoo, swimming pool, jumping pillow, and a dog park. We have a beautiful space with a large patio and chairs, an umbrella and a swing. I plan to go swimming this evening!

Petting ZooI was asked today what it was like to do with less stuff. I have to say I love it! I was able to vaccuum this morning in less than 5 minutes! We have everything we need, and because we’ve had to think about it ahead of time, I’ve only brought with me clothes I love to wear and just the cosmetics I use TODAY, not the stuff I might use some day!

Decisions are easier when you have less to choose from.

Tucker enjoyed the pet area, including the bright red fire hydrant! He just met his first goat, and a pregnant one at that. He wasn’t so sure about the chickens when the rooster crowed at him. He met two sweet little girls on bikes who stopped and gave him some loves.

Today we go visit the apartment we’re remodeling to give us a home base. But I’m enjoying this total shift in my life, to a simpler time, with fewer stresses and lots of new things.

What about you? Have you ever downsized or chosen a more simple existence? What did you love or learn about it?


There are new forces at work which are making it so that many of you on my NL or mailing list won’t be getting updates from me any longer. We are scrubbing everything we have, and only those who have recently clicked or commented will get them. Make sure, when you get my emails, that you at least open them, even if you don’t email in return. That will keep you in my cue. I don’t want to lose touch, but I cannot risk being put in FB jail for having thousands of email addresses of people who don’t open my messages.

You might check to see if you are still subscribed to my Newsletter list. Go to my website and click on the subscription button, and opt-in. That way, you won’t be in danger of not getting my updates.

We all have to adjust and change and simplify our lives from time to time. I had nearly 50k subscribers, but now am going to only have a few, committed readers and friends. I want you to be one of them!

Thank you for being my friend and for reading my romances! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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    1. Yes, it was quite a trip with almost 60′ of vehicle/tow vehicle. Last time we’ll have to do so much!

  1. When my home was burglarized I started tossing stuff that had been touched. I only kept in my home things i loved. I have alot less and yet much more! Thanks for sharing your fun with us

    1. Isn’t that funny? Less is more? I have had the same experience. I think the “more” in my life just added to the clutter and confusion. I know some days I didn’t know where to start, I had so much to do every day, just managing my stuff!

    1. It’s an adventure, for sure. But I think it’s good for me to stretch in this way. I’ve spent so many of my years “expanding” myself and all that I can do. Never thought that living with less, having less around me (the gardens and the flowers I always thought of as being free), really were things that tethered me.

      But I will say, getting a routine back is something I’m working hard on this week. I gotta have that or my productivity will go out the window. That I cannot allow.

      Thanks for going on the journey with me, my friend!

  2. Haven’t downsized. My house is small anyway. But, I’ve been on a mighty throw out. Give hundreds of books to the British hear foundation. Threw out old ratty stuff. Donated shoes and clothes to the recycled bins. Now I’ve just bought shelving and pretty boxes to be tidier in my little room under the stairs. Wishing you all the best on your journey Sharon

    1. Julie, so great to hear that, too. Isn’t it delicious to get things organized and tidy? My husband is someone who has to spread all his papers out, and it confuses me, and took up so much counterspace in our old house, I always felt his stuff infringed on me. Now, he can’t do that!

      Just the job of picking out the things I like to wear (some for beauty, some for comfort or utility) was way easier than I thought. The rest I either donated or put in the “not yet” bin and stored. They will eventually be going to donation, I’m sure.

      Like I said to Elaine, above, less is more, and that’s so counter-intuitive. But it rings true.

  3. I love seeing and reading about your adventures. I’ve been slowly been decluttering since last year. It’s amazing the stuff you can collect but have not used for years. Alot is being donated. You do feel freer.

    1. Debbie,
      Isn’t that amazing! I love that about down-sizing and decluttering. Let the garage wars begin! Good for youl.

  4. If you ever find yourself driving to NY State, look me up! There is a beautiful KOA 5 miles from my house with a nice pool, river-front parking for RVs and also small cabins for rent, and a pond stocked with fish.

    1. We would love to! Can’t wait to see that new house of yours. PM me with your town and I’ll look up the KOA. First trip in the coach will probably be Florida, after we finish the apt. here. Then who knows. But New York is definitely on our list!

  5. Haven’t downsized, but my husband and I took a 10-week trip through the Northeast last Fall. Left August 1 and returned home October 12. Traveled in a 28 foot Airstream, so I get taking only the things you will actually use and wear. Saw a lot of beautiful country that one cannot see if traveling by air. Enjoy your travels, make beautiful memories, and enjoy your time together.

  6. I’m glad you’re enjoying everything so far Sharon. I love all the photos.
    Safe travels my friend.

  7. We downsized 2yrs ago got rid of family farm and moved to smaller house on a lake got rid of a bunch of stuff and don’t missue any of it. Love our new life and we have a camper and get to take trips now

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