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Blogging Challenge

Can I Do It? #atozchallenge

Can I Do It? #atozchallenge. Can is a big part of my daily vocabulary. Not try, but can.  Yesterday I was doing some edits from a piece I'd written almost 5 years ago. I was in love with that piece…

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B is for Books

B is for Books #atozchallenge

Day 2 and the Party is Just Starting to Heat Up! #AtoZChallenge I'm grateful for books. I love reading books. I love writing books. I love book conventions and all the beautiful readers there. Here are some other B things…

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Away We Go

Away We Go! #atozchallenge

My Away We Go! #atozchallenge is doing a blog every day on Gratitude! Listing everything that starts with the letter A, here's a few of them.  Hello from Blogger #110!!! 1. Best new self-help book:  The Power of No by James and Claudia…

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Land of Aloha


My mind is flooded with ideas and things I can do to help my writing career. I'm also very grateful to all the presenters and awesome authors who shared so freely and gave me such wonderful inspiration. We rarely get…

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