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Boots Postcard

Company We Keep

Gustavo, who graces my cover and makes me happy every time I look at him. While I might dream about being in the company of some of my models (just for fun, mind you), like the gentleman here, my writing…

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Silver SEALs Banner

Silver SEALs new Wave Launched!

All of the books in the Silver SEALs Series releasing this year! I love the energy I get from collaborative efforts with other authors. I enjoyed our series in 2017 and 2018 with Sleeper SEALs, and now this year,…

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Love of Reading

The Love of Reading

InspirationOne of my favorite finds this year was this book, and I bought 5 copies I was so inspired. I sent one to each of my daughters and daughter-in-law for reading to their kids. I don't think we can underestimate…

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Christmas Tree

Wonderful Things

There are a lot of wonderful things I've discovered this Christmas. Some are gifts from others, some are gifts I'm giving this holiday season. Some are just wonderful discoveries I've made in December of 2018. I have a lot to…

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Vices and Virtues

I'm sitting here eating Peppermint Chip Junior Mints while it's raining and grey outside. I miss Hawaii. I'm not glum, but I miss the sun and warm balmy weather, the water, the beach, the sunsets and the music at night.…

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