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Anytime Now: Success

I’m ready for it. I’ve prepared my whole life for a successful writing career. Unlike anything before, the measurement tools are complicated, the standards are illusive. I’ve written my 1,000,000 words Stephen King says we have to do to get good. I’ve finished several full length novels, written as much as 92,000 words in 30 days, and edited more than I care to remember (until my eyes crossed). I’ve re-written one book 43 times in the first 10 chapters.

I have rejections. I have new friends. I have people laughing at me that I even consider writing as a career. I have people cheering me on. I’ve loved chapters I’ve had to cut. I’ve killed off a whole bunch of bad guys. I’ve created a bunch of new beings like my half vampire half angel Gideon. I’ve dated my hero and made him real. I’m guilty of driving around in my car with my favorite music up full blast. I chose the reality of my own fantasy life.

Heck, I’m doing this blog at midnight and not missing my sleep!

It’s coming. Anytime now. The novel called Best Selling Author is about to be launched.
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